The Body & Dis Fig - Orchards of a Futile Heaven
Once again, The Body returns with a very interesting and unique collaboration, this time with Dis Fig, a name which was totally unknown to me until they announced this project.

Orchards of a Futile Heaven is an exploration into the world of industrial, electronic and noise music, something both collaborators are already quite used to, but this time they seem to be more focused on creating a contrast between very robotic and programmed instrumentals, with very ethereal and soft vocals by Dis ... read more

Profiler - A Digital Nowhere
Profiler's first full length, although it doesn't quite live up to the expectations from their debut EP, is a nice attempt on revitalizing nu metal, with a sound that reminds of Hybrid Theory era Linkin Park while adding shoegaze and metalcore influences to the mix, but sometimes the obvious points of influence play against the band, with sections that sound like straight up rip-offs of any 2000's nu metal band. Even if this, for the most part, doesn't really bother me, I can also understand ... read more
Anthony1, Exodia & Sienna Sleep - Ateriavia
A three-way split consisting of 6 songs that won't leave you indifferent. The use of synthesizers is imaginative and interesting, with a distorted production characteristic of hexd, and a frenetic rhythm that doesn't stop for a second. If you're looking for fast, intense and fun music, this is the perfect album for you.
Nervepitch - ...My Sombre Existence...
Thank you Romuva for the recommendation!

One of the most interesting nu metal projects I've listened to in a while. Mixing metalcore, screamo and ambient sections, Nervepitch manages to compose a unique formula within the genre, in which they achieve a very good balance between aggression and emotion.

Farewell Sarathael - Demo
This demo has caught me by surprise. Despite the lyrics being somewhat surface level (which is my only complaint about this release), there's a lot of potential behind, and it does its job pretty well in different genres, from metalcore, to deathcore, and even screamo. All four songs are pretty good, but the clear standout is For Mothers, an amazing closer. I would totally love them to further pursue that sound on future releases.

Overall, these tracks make me excited for the future of this ... read more

Infant Island - Obsidian Wreath
An incredible demonstration of intensity and emotion, with an atmosphere that captivates you from the first moment, and exceptional musicianship. We're not even a month into this year, and Infant Island has already created a really strong contender for AOTY.
Nothingface - Violence
This album is the perfect example of how to make a great nu metal project: infectious and heavy riffs and an almost relentless intensity while still managing to be very melodic. It's dumb fun. I also find it surprising that Nothingface hasn't gotten as much recognition within the genre as other big groups and releases that are often seen as mediocre and/or terrible.
Great Falls - Objects Without Pain
A desperate and tragic story told through a combination of noise rock, post-hardcore and sludge metal, reminiscent of groups like KEN mode or Chat Pile. Although there's constant dissonance and chaos throughout the album, you can easily appreciate the narrator's emotion and pain thanks to an incredible and piercing vocal delivery.
Infant Island - Beneath
An overwhelming and unique album, with a short 26 minutes duration that covers sounds and influences from screamo, to post-metal and black metal. Although the tracks do not vary greatly from one another (except for the instrumental ones), they don't lack personality, making this a very enjoyable and memorable listen.
Going for something more sinister and mechanical, RAT WARS finds post-industrial group HEALTH with their heaviest, most metallic sound of their discography. The use of EBM and electro-industrial elements really comes to shine in this record, where dark synthesizers meet downtuned, noisy riffs, in hopes for an intense, melancholic and opressive atmosphere that works almost flawlessly. Tracks like HATEFUL or ASHAMED (which were really good singles) work so much better in context, and the deeper ... read more
VVV [Trippin’you] - Vaciador
El cuarto álbum de estudio de la banda madrileña VVV [Trippin'you] busca un sonido mucho más electrónico e intenso respecto a sus anteriores trabajos, descartando casi por completo sus raíces en el coldwave a favor del digital hardcore y el futurepop, entre otros.

Si bien, en mi review de Turboviolencia mencioné que se sentía como una dedicatoria a la juventud española, y al igual que en ese proyecto, no exagero cuando digo que Vaciador ... read more

VIBORA - Zaldi Beltza
Otra grata sorpresa que me llevo este año, esta vez de la mano del grupo vasco VIBORA, los cuáles muestran una brutalidad sin igual en Zaldi Beltza. La intensidad, el ruido y la emoción son elementos fundamentales de este álbum, siendo repartidos a lo largo de sus escasos 23 minutos de duración con facilidad y exactitud, atinando en cada momento cuándo deben ser pesados y desgarradores y cuándo tienen que demostrar la emoción y ... read more
Jane Remover - Census Designated
One of the main reasons why I really like Jane Remover's previous album is that it sounds really nostalgic, yet refreshing at the same time, with a wide arrangement of genres and sounds that work in unison perfectly. On Census Designated, Jane Remover's sound shifts from glitchy, emo hyperpop to a nice mix of shoegaze, post-rock and indie rock that further encapsulates this feeling of nostalgia, and helps improve her sound into an even more cathartic edge.
Dying Wish - Symptoms of Survival
Spectacular return after their 2021 debut album. Dying Wish have already mastered this particular style of melodic metalcore while adding their own touch to it. I'm hoping to see how they keep perfecting and evolving this sound from here.
END - The Sin of Human Frailty
Metalcore supergroup END returns with one of the most visceral albums of 2023, and they're back stronger than ever. During its 30-minute runtime, you're in for a wild ride into the heaviest the genre can offer, with gut-wrenching riffs and a monstrous performance by Brendan Murphy that never ceases to surprise the listener. The band finds balance between incredibly brutal metalcore/mathcore and moments mostly dominated by elements taken from industrial music and post-metal, although they are ... read more
Dreamwell - In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You
If Modern Grotesque already sounded really miserable and intense, In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You far exceeds the expectations imposed by that project, with a very diverse and creative tracklist that never ceases to impress the listener, and an almost immaculate execution in terms of post-hardcore/screamo records.
Codetalker - PNEUMA: SIDE A
Tras hacer un cambio de nombre y de integrantes, Codetalker han vuelto más potentes que nunca con una colección de 5 canciones que muestran cómo suena el nu metalcore español, marcando lo que debería considerarse el estándar del género. Este EP se siente muchísimo menos derivativo que su álbum debut, aportando bastante personalidad a las pistas sin desviarse demasiado del sonido original de la banda, lo cuál puede resultar ... read more
Code Orange - The Above
Not as bad as the average score might suggest, but I have to admit that if this album was made by another band, I would probably be more harsh towards it. I appreciate the willingness to experiment and spice their sound a bit, but it's missing the rawness and the dark atmosphere that made Underneath so great for me.
Corea - Los peores 7 km de mi vida
Los peores 7 km de mi vida me ha sorprendido positivamente. Es intenso, crudo y emocionante, usando elementos de la música noise a su favor para crear una atmósfera oscura y distorsionada, haciéndote sentir parte de la experiencia y compartiendo el dolor transmitido por Corea. Parece mentira que un disco tan desgarrador y tan bien logrado haya salido de un país donde prácticamente no existe una escena para este género, lo cuál es algo ... read more
Scenario. - When All Is Said and Done
Unlike some other projects from the same year, Scenario. knows damn well how to incorporate a colourful palette of genres and influences while retaining its core sound: intense and emotive screamo.
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