- Wonder What's Next
Wonder What's Next is a solid and consistent alternative metal record that can be easily described as Tool-meets-Deftones-meets-Glassjaw. Sometimes it may be too formulaic, but it's so fun and energetic that turns that small issue into something even more insignificant.
 - Cancer Withdrawal
Mathcore/Metalcore record with some hints of grindcore. I love it more than I'm willing to admit because, even if it isn't something unique, is really good at what it does: chaotic and aggresive hardcore music.
 - It's a Whimsical Afterlife
It's a Whimsical Afterlife perfectly balances noisy post-hardcore with shoegaze to create something unique, and totally worth the recognition. It's cathartic, emotional and intense, but also chaotic, raw and aggressive. I don't know why Avenade is so beloved on both AOTY and RYM, but it makes me really happy seeing all the good stuff that has happened to him, despite not even knowing nothing about him at all, and he really deserves all the praise his music gets.
Ada Rook, most notably known for being half of Black Dresses, delivers a world of madness on UGLY DEATH NO REDEMPTION ANGEL CURSE I LOVE YOU where, despite so many high and lows sparse throughout the album, it manages to become a consistent experience for the most part, and turns out to also be a really fun and diverse project, with different and unique approaches to her chaotic sound.
 - Braille
Reminds me a lot to early Beartooth, but I think this type of sound is executed a lot better here. I also think the inclusion of post-metal sections adds an interesting twist to the album, and kept me interested for most of the time.
 - End of Cycle
I was going to write a really long review about why I don't see myself returning to this album really often despite my positive score, but I think I can explain why in a shorter way.

End of Cycle doesn't feel like an album that you can return to its individual tracks, and rather, it's a project that you must listen in full in order to fully enjoy it (or at least, that's what I think). Maybe I can listen to the sixth track sometimes...? But the repetitive nature of this album, and the average ... read more

 - www.pitchshifter.com
What if Static-X implemented drum & bass sections into their music? Well, the answer comes in form of this album, and it works greatly! But you shouldn't expect a change to this formula, because even if the whole album is really good, it doesn't deviate itself from their main sound and appeal, which can get boring quickly.
 - Chimaera Monstrosa
They weren't lying when the band described themselves as "excited metal mixed to an infinity of opposed genres". On Chimaera Monstrosa, there's a lot going on, and when I say a lot, I really mean it. Arabic music, chiptune, breakcore, cybergrind, classical music... The list of genres goes on for a bit, and for some reason, this strange mix of sounds somehow works, creating a truly unique album that is really hard to describe.
 - Love Exchange Failure
White Ward brings up something more unique than the usual of the genre with Love Exchange Failure, where blackgaze meets jazz sections inspired directly from film noir, with really touching and cathartic moments sparsed throughout the record.
 - Tyranny
Tyranny is a really interesting project, with a varied sound palette, and many ideas going on. There's a lot to dissect here, and I feel like I can't describe this album as much as I would want to. Only downside I can think of is that some tracks feel needlessly long, and could be fleshed out in a better way.
 - Animate the Emptiness
This is probably the first time I've listened to black metal with programmed drumming, hi-hats, and elements taken directly from genres such as synth punk, and my first impression was fine, but it's clear that the idea could've been executed a lot better, plus it gets really repetitive quickly.
Ultra by Vatican satisfies my needs of angry, hard-hitting metalcore with some occasional slower and less intense cuts. The inclusion of industrial elements are a nice touch, but I wish they explored them a bit more.
 - Collapse Through a Mind
Collapse Through a Mind just got released! Is a really short EP, and I would love to hear some feedback on it.

You can stream it here:

 - Mass Destruction
Unrelentless and chaotic cybergrind album that steps into breakcore territory most of the time. A bit repetitive, but doesn't bore me in any moment.
 - Souvenirs
Souvenirs mixes up alternative rock and art rock with trip-hop to create an outstanding experience, and is one of those albums that succeeds whatever expectations you have before listening to it. This was an incredible listen, and honestly, I'm amazed by the quality of this album.
 - Fault Lines
Well, this was an interesting listen to say the least. Fault Lines mashes up different ideas and sounds into a single post-punk album, where every track sounds unique and with something to contribute, although sometimes it relies too much on its experimentation. almost as it was trying to alienate the listener.
 - Liminal Rite
While I can't deny this is a really nice deathgaze record (just found out about this term, I'll need to check it out more) I feel like it tries to sound too "epic" for its own sake, which does more harm than helping with the overall atmosphere. But hey, as my introduction to deathgaze, it's really good, and can't wait to find more about it.
 - We Are the Romans
This is pretty much an essential listen for any fans of metalcore/mathcore, but you probably already know this. Sounds surprisingly polished and "clean" for a record coming off this genre.
 - Stargazer
Combining alternative metal and shoegaze, Stargazer is the debut album from Moodring, clearly influenced by Deftones and following the trend of atmospheric metal music that has been making some noise lately with bands such as Loathe, ASkySoBlack or Thornhill leading this sound. Of course, I already knew I was going to love this album thanks to their EP and singles, which were a clear indicator that they would continue with this kind of sound, but I like it even more than I initially thought.
 - Fairhaven
18 years have passed by, and finally, the second record from Silent Drive is here, and while it isn't better than their debut album, is a proper follow up to it.

Fairhaven maintains the band's usual sound: really melodic post-hardcore with some occasional clean vocals, but there's also some slower cuts here that changes things up a bit. After a short ambient introduction, the band doesn't wait too much to throw you onto a wall of rage, intensity, and a constant feeling of melancholy that ... read more

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