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Nov 28

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Yes, she is now out of bubble-gum pop. Yes, she is more R&B than ever (Nobody’s Business). Yes, mixing dance music on it (Jump, Right Now). And yes, her best ‘til now. More mature and concise, Rihanna extends her music catalog to another level, succeeding to do what she has tried with Talk That Talk. Better lyrics and vocals (What Now, Stay, Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary) but yet without losing her touch to produce/choose hit singles (Diamonds). It is a good way she is ... read more
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« Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it » with S&M she opens up a revamped phase of her life and career: sassy, smart, free, poppy and with a red hair that matches it all. After a dark - and musically great - phase, Rihanna shows again why she is called the good girl gone bad. In What’s My Name? she invites her man in 0% pretentious song « Hey, boy, I really wanna see if you can go downtown with a girl like me » and repeats ... read more
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Even being a singles compilation (singles never released on a studio album + having Moz 2 biggest hits from his first solo effort), Bona Drag has a vividly self identity, beating his solo first album. With Piccadilly Palare, he talks about the Polari subculture full of its slangs and individuality. « But you cry when you think of all the battles you’ve fought and lost ». Interesting Drug continues the saga of bad government schemes and how it impacts lives that need ... read more
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They start the album reminding us how sweet, naïve but bittersweet final 00s/early 10s indie music has been, sounding like Miami Horror’s Illumination or Miike Snow’s debut. Its tropical synthpop environment created makes you time-travel and have a cool vibe. Lyrically they come soft daydreaming about love « I just want to love you / I need you to love me / I just want to love you / We can fall in love now » but they are quite better writers when they talk ... read more
guisg -
« Don't ever ask for permission, Ask for forgiveness ». The pair comes back more mature, showing they are empowered women that can produce, write and take care of their image (as we’ve been seeing on creative and incredible live performances). It is clear that they have been heavily sponsored / mentored by a midas touch once Ms Carter is the album’s executive producer. This support is for sure relevant but also makes us listen to it and have no chance to ... read more
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As we seem to have a similar taste in music, I was wondering if you could recommend something for me to listen to? I need a break from my Radiohead listen-through, and nothing else is really gripping my attention.
“There is a light that never goes out”
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