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Slipknot - Iowa
Jun 30, 2023
Oh man, a good nu metal album. God help us all.

Yeah, this is pretty good, thanks to @ThePurpleIdiot for recommending this to me. Iowa is the third studio album by nu metal band Slipknot, released in August of 2001. Considered the band's heaviest and darkest record, it was a success, reaching the top tens in nine different countries.

I used to not like metal as a genre due to the hyper disturbing lyrics and growling vocals. Turns out I didn't dislike metal, just nu metal. Despite that, I still enjoyed Iowa way more than expected. This is a really disturbing album, with lines such as slitting the throat of someone and fucking the wound, and ripping someone's heart out of their chest and taking a bite out of it.

Yeah... it's a violent album, but also pretty interesting too. For being a fairly lengthy album at 66 minutes, it manages to keep your attention throughout, even with the fifteen minute title track and closer, with it's repetitive instrumentals and captivating background noise.

I really wasn't expecting to like this that much, but I'm happy with the experience I had with it. Not like the actual band is though... are you guys alright?

Track Ratings
2People = Shit / 79
3Disasterpiece / 83
4My Plague / 80
5Everything Ends / 85
6The Heretic Anthem / 86
7Gently / 84
8Left Behind / 87
9The Shape / 82
10I Am Hated / 83
11Skin Ticket / 80
12New Abortion / 79
13Metabolic / 77
14Iowa / 83
I want you gustav
@Deviluxx she's so
nice review. regarding the last sentence... yeah, it's pretty interesting once you know the story on the making and recording of this album. the band was at a very fucked up place in their lives at the time so it resulted in a very dark record. regarding what you think about nu metal, have you listened to linkin park's first two albums? those are among the greatest nu metal projects ever, in case you haven't and may want to give the genre another chance
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