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my opinion is wrong
i dont use this website too much just to fine good music. library is full of albums i need to listen to!!! my opinion on music is trash don't get upset please !!!!!
My real name is Adrian Roberts, I live in Ohio and I have a big love for good music, I HATE BAD MUSIC THOUGH! 100-0 My Thoughts Every album i rate over an 90, I have it on vinyl or plan to get it.
Spooky pumpkin in your area
πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’€Β‘Yooo my slime, 100 followers? Three digis?!πŸ’€πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ Still continuing with my October themed albums (covers with black, orange or brown colors)
I'm just trying to enjoy life by listening to music ... My opinions on albums change a lot during my time on this website, so expect me to re-rate them and what not Singles account: ( 100 ) = Perfection (90 - 99) = Excellent (80 - 89) = Great (70 - 79) = Good (60 - 69) = Decent (50 - 59) = Meh (40 - 49) = Mediocre (30 - 39) = Poor (20 - 29) = Awful (10 - 19) = Horrendous (00 - 09) = Deserves To Be Destroyed
New York
wake up mr. huey! thanks for 100 temp taking a break from reviews οΌ·οΌ₯γ€€οΌ―οΌ΅οΌ΄γ€€οΌ¨οΌ₯οΌ²οΌ₯γ€€γ‚Žθ‡†γƒ’
Music nerd from the Netherlands that loves to listen to all kinds of music. Besides listening to music, I play guitar and sing (@sebastiaan_reddering on Instagram). Generally, I only write reviews about records that I find interesting prior to listening to it. Therefore, I rarely give bad ratings to records. My favorite band of all time is The Beatles and my favorite current artist is Moses Sumney. Please let me know what your favorite artist is. I am always ready to discover new artists.
24.Enjoying music
UK - In VTuber Hell
(M, Audiophile, Pianist, Degenerate) Welcome to my page of bad/unoriginal music opinions ~~~Album Ratings~~~ 100 - Perfect 95 - So close to being perfect but some songs/quirks bring it down 90 - Amazing 85-80 - Great 75-70 - Good 65-60 - Alright 55-50 - Meh/Average 45-40 - Some Bad Songs 35-30 - Bad 25-20 - Awful 15-10 - WTF? 10-0 - Unlistenable BTW I'm very generous for most ratings, so when album's bad, you know it is bad (I'm also lazy so most albums I've listened to aren't listed here lol)
she her :)
Perpetually Biking.
THANKS FOR 200! Hey there! I'm a Brazilian-American film/basketball & philosophy enthusiast currently in Denmark in a boarding school, studying for the SATs. No words can describe how much music is important to me. Hopefully, my reviews can try to do so. OPEN TO ANY RECS! Trying to get into Metalcore, Shoegaze, Country Rock (Also, my PFP is JPEGMAFIA headbutting my phone in Copenhagen) Library = Vinyl Collection
somewhere watching dystopian anime
i like pop. sorry 😐 okay seriously do not expect anything from me honestly. i’m just here to discover new music from all types of genres and share my opinions from time to time..πŸ§πŸ»β€β™€οΈ very generous with my ratings lol
Morgantown, WV
A fancy frog with a fancy taste in music
Writer, movie fanatic, listener of music. 100: All-time favs 90-99: Fantastic 80-89: Really Great 70-79: Really Good 60-69: Fine 50-59: Mixed 40-49: Poor 30-39: Bad 20-29: Really Really Bad 10-19: Absolutely Horible 0-9: Worst of all time
I simply exist, what else can I say about myself?
I just rate and list by year of release
@HipHopRates on Twitter
Hey, I'm Ymer. You can follow my music twitter account for more takes: @HipHopRates. I tend to review albums by .5 I also have a Letterboxd: *NEW YEAR NEW RATING SYSTEM*
jeongyeon love bot
10 - flawless, masterpiece 9 - amazing, exceptional 8 - great 7 - good, very good 6 - decent, good 5 - meh, okay 4 - mediocre, not good 3 - bad 2 - horrendous, terrible, very bad 1 - cursed, horrific, nearly unlistenable 0 - belongs in a dumpster, hot garbage, shouldn't exist
The Netherlands
I love rap music. 100 - PERFECT 90-99 - AMAZING 80-89 - GREAT 70-79 - GOOD 60-69 - OK 50-59 - MEDIOCRE 40-49 - NOT GOOD 30-39 - BAD 20-29 - REALLY BAD 10-19 - AWFUL 0-9 - COMPLETE TRASH, IT HAS NOTHING GOOD
Somewhere in Northern Italy
Just a tall guy who listens to too much music
Nalchik, Russia. P.S: β€” tysm for 200 followers!
Hi, i love to rate and listen to music. I am 12 years old and I'm from Russia. I will be glad if you send me your music releases in shoutbox! I communicate and write reviews in English sometimes with google translator Favorites artists: George Michael, Kedr Livanskiy, Kesha, Crystal Castles, The xx (and Jamie xx), Gorillaz, BLACKPINK. Least favs: MJ, MBV and 100 gecs (sorry guys). Favorite albums: Amnesty (I) by Crystal Castles, January Sun by Kedr Livanskiy. Favorite genres: Hip-hop, Slowcore.
MUSIC FUCKING SUCKS SO MUCH BALLS Singles account: 95s are basically 100s but 100s are like WOWOWOWOW
here, there and everywhere.
i write about music sometimes. i write in other places too:
250 followers in 2 weeks.. thank you all so much.
γ€Ž 15 ~ NC 』 ✯ Thank y'all so much for 250+ followers! ✯ ✩ Talk to me on Discord! Matthew#9209 ✩ ❈ Taking music suggestions in my shout box! (Self promotion allowed as well) ❈ ―――――――――――― γ€Ž Grading Scale 』 100 = Perfection 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Alright 50-59 = Average 40-49 = Poor 30-39 = Bad 20-29 = Awful 10-19 = Atrocious 0-9 = Horrendous
any pronouns
100: Classic 90-99: Phenomenal 80-89: Fantastic 70-79: Pretty Good 60-69: Decent little tune 50-59: eh 40-49: bad, might have potential 30-39: plain bad 20-29: pretty damn bad 10-19: borderline unlistenable 0-9: stop making music Discord: mrpasghetti#3162 Scout Main, Boyz
18 | #BlackLivesMatter ✊🏾 | Social: @dailygerson A person with a marvelous passion for all kinds of music Feel free to message me about anything πŸ₯°
pharrell stan also frank ocean is my favorite artist
Self-proclaimed deeply passionate music enthusiast. Genre does not matter for me, only the comfortableness of the music I listen to. If the music is slightly bearable, don't expect 39+ score. RATING SYSTEM: 100 = Immaculate Masterpiece 90 - 99 = Incredible 80 - 89 = Excellent 70 - 79 = Amazing 60 - 69 = Decent 50 - 59 = Mediocre 40 - 49 = Acceptable 30 - 39 = Bad 20 - 29 = Very Bad 10 - 19 = Garbage 0 - 9 = Taste Independent Abomination Spotify: RaptorMKII Jotaro_Kujo42
Deez Nuts πŸ‡±πŸ‡Ή
57 followers??? Nope, 57 internet friends :) An 18-year-old guy from Lithuania πŸ‡±πŸ‡Ή A year ago my music taste was kinda shit, so during the lockdown, I decided to try something new and started listening to more eclectic types of music that I discovered on AOTY. Still a bit new to all this, sorry if my reviews are basic, I hope I can improve them in the future. Feel free to suggest something in the Shoutbox 😊 h
New York, USA
TYSM for the 100 follows!!!!
100 - Masterpiece 90-99 - Amazing 80-89 - Great 70-79 – Good 60-69 - Decent (integrity starts to fail) 50-59 - Mixed bag 40-49 - Nice try in what you tried to accomplish, but no 30-39 – Some good tracks 20-29 - Maybe one or two good tracks, becomes annoying 10-19 - Just annoying 0-9 - Please, turn this off I review absolutely random albums when I want to. No real schedule.
Halloween Town
Hi, my name is Nico. β€’ Almost 16 years old. β€’ I play the piano and sing. β€’ Add me on discord if you want to be friends. β€’ I rate based on enjoyability mostly. β€’ Always open to recommendations. β€’ I copied this format from Trey. β€’ All ratings 90-99 are specific, under 90 they all end with 5 or 0.
Rio de Janeiro
Mais um louco por mΓΊsica @jatedisse here ( ). I'm not a Facebook user anymore, so I had to make a new account.
Yo, my name's Joey!|19|They/them|#BLM
Vancouver, BC
Music enjoyer, video gamer, philosopher, child genius, master of physics, music theorist. Projects with a score over 50 I consider "positive" (Of varying degrees.) Although the ratings are mainly based off the enjoyability of the album, they do not directly reflect my rankings for personal favorites. I feel that sometimes an album deserves a certain scores. I review music as I see fit. Mostly just random projects that I want to chip in on.
Hong Kong
I often regret what I've said and change my ratings because I'm a dumb dumb. I also really like making dad jokes so I sincerely, sincerely apologize. 90-99: Amazing, classic cd 80-89: Very good, mmm me likey 70-79: Good, high replay value 60-69: Decent 50-59: A mixed bag 40-49: Boring 30-39: Most likely didn't finish it 20-29: Will file a complaint letter 10-19: Have caused emotional scars 0-9: Sworn arch nemesis.
I review rock music and stuff, there’s not much else to say Ratings: (Jakerp Approval Tier) 100: Masterful 95-99: Outstanding 90-94: Amazing 85-89: Brilliant 80-84: Great 75-79: Very Good 70-74: Good (Indifferent Tier) 65-69: Alright 60-64: Average 55-59: Lackluster 50-54: Mediocre (Jakerp Garbage Tier) 45-49: Poor 40-44: Bad 35-39: Very Bad 30-34: Awful 25-29: Atrocious 20-24: Abysmal 15-19: Horrendous 10-14: Egregious 0-9: Go Die
Caxias do Sul, Brasil
My new account, let's be friend again please <3 19y old brazilian guy who likes good music and pretends to be someone important. My reviews are short cuz my english is not that good, but you must believe is from the heart! 10 - S Tier 9 - A Tier 8 - B Tier 6-7 - C Tier 4-5 - D Tier 2-3 - E Tier 0-1 - F Tier i'm an illustrator, follow me on instagram :)
Probably listening to Buckethead
Just a dude writing reviews that nobody reads. Follow my singles account @spicy_singles
Writing Reviews for All My 10’s
Hey, I’m Eva, she/her, 17 I listen to music sometimes and give my flawed thoughts on it. Feel free to give me music recs, I’m bored as hell. Self promo is allowed, just please don’t ask me to review fucking AJR or NF I rate things too high and too low and make bad quality shitposts that get too many likes for their own good Always open to discuss music on here or my instagram BLM + LGBT rights Instagram - GarciReviews
not actively reviewing rn
regurgitating melon man's ratings like a boss β€’ hip hop head β€’ i usually only review things that i like β€’ ratings always out of ten β€’ shit in library = just albums i have never listened to or albums i need to rethink/relisten
100 AMAZING FLAWLESS 90 Amazing 80 Fantastic 70 great 60 good 50 eh 40 okay 30 trash 20 garbage 10 no 0 NOOOOO
she/her β€’ 19 β€’ πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

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