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HalfsourDyl -
This album is an oasis that I'm immensely grateful for. Nothing eases my anxiety as well as "WOMB." It's like drifting off to sleep while getting head scratches. It's a 10.

Purity Ring went for a more passive listen this time around. At first, I was disappointed by the lack of surprises like others have been, but when I started listening to "WOMB" without prior expectations, it started to unlock. "WOMB" is Purity Ring's most heavenly album to date, yet it still ... read more

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HalfsourDyl -
This grew on me so quickly. There's so many creative ideas swimming around in this record, but it's at its best when it's going hard. The harsh rapping compliments the metal vocals so well once you get used to it.

I really appreciate the experimental edge most of the songs have. It balances experimentation and catchiness really well.
HalfsourDyl -
This album is good. There's plenty to appreciate about it and I like at least parts of every song here. Yet, I just can't get into this album the way I want to. Maybe it'll make sense one day and I'll love it, but I think Gorillaz is officially not intended me anymore.
HalfsourDyl -
I'm not quite as big of a fan of this as its predecessor. It's not as much of a bleak, harsh listen. Despite that, I still love Avenade's brand of noise rock. It feels as if the guitars are roasting the hairs off my face with flames obtained for hell itself. "Vice Versa in Such Things" is quite the experience. It's loud, heavy, and potent. 'Closure' is, by far, my favorite song here; it's the kind of song I want to die to.
HalfsourDyl -
YEEEES! I have found another metal band to fall in love with!

Melted Bodies brand of goofy experimentation and song writing created one of the most gripping releases this year. The personality and humor on this record shine so bright.

The riffs are genuinely great and fun. "Enjoy Yourself" has hooks for days! The vocals are eccentric and catchy, with some spoken word sections here and there that deliver some of the most memorable parts of the record. There's lots of social ... read more
HalfsourDyl -
Despite suffering from being a little one-dimensional, Svalbard delivered one of the best extreme albums of the year with "When I Die, Will I Get Better?" Catharsis is the main game of this record, with the majority of the lyrics centering around mental health and passionate politics. If you pick up on those lyrics, it'll definitely enhance the experience. You'll feel the frustration dig through your soul.

I can forgive most of the lack of variety. This record is really focused and ... read more
Jul 3, 2020
Hey! Sorry to bug you, but I just finished a new little EP and I’d love some feedback on it if you have the time! I tried to keep a somewhat dreamy and funky sound throughout and I’m very proud of how it turned out. Also, this is a big experiment for me so I’d like to know your favourite and least favourite tracks and why.

Apr 20, 2020
Yo, you may not know who I am but I just put out my first project of 3 I'm releasing this year. I tried 8 different styles and really tried to keep the whole thing engaging throughout, it has mainly elements of hiphop and you'll see me try my best to follow in the steps of new artists like Slowthai and Joey Bada$$. I got it properly mixed and mastered and I hope I can win you over with at least one track. Give it a try and review it, I would love and appreciate some feedback. All love <3
-Sol (Soundcloud) (Spotify) (Apple Music) (Youtube)
Mar 28, 2020
Mar 27, 2020
hey, i saw that youre a fan of snail house. what project by them would u recommend based on this song? (candy dash). i really loved it when i was younger and i wanted to get into them now. thanks!
Oct 11, 2019
What’s one album that was really fun to review (for a list)
Sep 28, 2019
What's your favourite album to listen to in the rain? lol I know these list questions are taking over aoty
Sep 28, 2019
What's your favorite album to █▀█ █▄█ ▀█▀ to? It's for a list.
Sep 3, 2019
thanks dang i was too late and now im at 70
Aug 24, 2019
Thank you for the follow, love your cat.
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