Imagine Dragons: Best to Worst

These guys are underappreciated so I wanted to make a spot where I could give them some praise.

Imagine Dragons - Night Visions
Easily one of my favorite pop rock records. Y'all are just h8rs.
Imagine Dragons - It's Time
It's crazy how underrated early Imagine Dragons is. There's just so much I love about it. These tracks can be so fun and groovy.The synths are always used perfectly. The more low key tracks are my favorite, though. The River is my favorite song by them. It's so dreamy and beautiful.
My only real complaint is that the lyrics can be pretty aimless.
Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors
The first half is the best thing ID has ever put out. It's everything I love about the band perfectly summed up. This half's sound defines them to me- the most essential ID sound. That second half is just not nearly as good. There's a bit of filler. If 2 or 3 tracks were cut, this might be a 9/10.
Imagine Dragons - Mercury - Act 1
I'm having fun with a new Imagine Dragons album again! Don't get me wrong, they haven't fixed every issue their newer material has had, but they've redirected into a better direction. I think most of the songs are fun and catchy, with some cool ideas and ID breaking out of the formula they've overused. This album has some of ID's most interesting and daring material to date and the lyrics aren't as vacant. They definitely haven't made this album before. It's a good pop rock album. It doesn't go much deeper than that.

The production sounds quite good! It's well balanced and polished. I don't know what would've happened if they released another album sounding as wack as 'Origins.' While this album is mainstream friendly, it has some ideas that are surprising to see a band of ID's size doing. I think it's cool. :)

It makes me sad that "Giants" and "Cutthroat" are some of the lowest rated tracks. "Giants" is easily one of the most creative songs they've ever put out. "Cutthroat" is so manic and abrasive and I fucking love it! I can understand the hate for it, though. I just wish y'all would join me on its zany wavelength. "Follow You" is so catchy, bright, and fun, too.

"It's Ok" fucking sucks, though. What a stain on the tracklist!
Imagine Dragons - Evolve
I get why people don't like it. Even though there isn't much substance and it isn't as good as Night Visions, I'm still having a lot of fun. Most of the production is good. Evolve does a good job of breathing some life into their formula. Yesterday is pretty unbearable, though.
Imagine Dragons - Continued Silence
This is when they started making more mainstream stuff, but the tunes are still pretty awesome.
Imagine Dragons - Hell and Silence
The mix is really bad, but if you can get passed that, this EP is a gem. Hell and Silence has the best synth work on an Imagine Dragons project. It makes the production so bright and colorful. It's all perfectly blended. Dan's songwriting hadn't quite peaked, which is the only thing keeping it from greatness.

Emma is a must hear, since it might just be their best song to date.
Imagine Dragons - Mercury - Act 2
This album is fucky as hell. Overall, this album is a disappointment. It's almost as poorly produced and mixed as Origins and has some of there most unforgivable lyrics. I'm gonna give it the edge over Origins since it has more highlights, but Origins is a way more interesting trash fire. I know they can do better than this. Act 2 could've been pretty good and occupy a unique place in their discography if it was trimmed and tweaked.
Imagine Dragons - Origins
Okay, I was too hard on this record. Now that I've had enough time for the disappointment to wash away I can appreciate what they were doing here. The production has some strokes not quite genius, but creative enough to where I'm like, "Alright, this is a well built song and atmosphere."
Even if these tracks are fairly commercial, I like that they were trying different things. The new stuff they bring in can be really cool, like the percussion choices, or the trippy, almost industrial sounds on a couple tracks,
What is holding it back are that a lot of the lyrics are really phoned in, so even the best tracks have trouble taking flight because they don't have an engaging emotional through line. That, and also that some of the tracks were also phoned in musically. West Coast, Zero, Stuck, and Love fit this category. They're too generic, uncatchy, and boring.
Imagine Dragons - Imagine Dragons
ID's first EP is pretty inessential. I can see why none of the songs would be redone during the Night Visions era. As much as I love this band's early material, this is an exception. Nothing really stands out, this is probably their worst set of tunes, and the cheap production certainly isn't doing these songs any favors.
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you should listen to the Speak To Me EP, it's really weird for imagine dragons, has a country and kinda Broadway vibe to it
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