YoungBoy Never Broke Again - The Last Slimeto
consistant showcare of an artists style

As someone not really familiar with YB i found myself enjoying a ton of this album. the flows are loud and varied, while all sounding in a similar style which i liked. hes quite adept at finding interesting melodies to listen to while never really sticking with anything for too long.

Flo Milli - You Still Here, Ho?
awesome production and a consistantly enjoyable rapper
Ghais Guevara - There Will Be No Super-Slave
freakin sick

a ton of Ghais Guevara' best tracks are on this, some very high highs. the album is paced and sequenced amazingly, the samples going from one track to another is so sick and done so well. every song on this album is great in some way, with how diverse and intricate the beats are. man this album slaps, the intro and the interludes arent the most interesting things though, i tend to skip them.

ive gone back to this album a ton since its release, as its been super replayable and has ... read more

Have a Nice Life - Deathconsciousness
killer album, held my attention the entire way
absolutely loving this album! buttery smooth delivery over awesome energetic beats
Viper The Rapper - Shed Skin
cocaine is tha culture, shoestrangs, choppers, all dis money are all viper classics, rest of this thing is ass tho lol
Viper The Rapper - Fuck Earth Im Gon Wage an Interstella War
top level production, really feels like an interstella war is going on and viper is leading it
Big Baller B - Prison Sentence
this guy has flow
Nigo & Tyler, The Creator  - COME ON, LET'S GO
perfect theme, perfect beat, perfect rapping, perfect song
6ix9ine - GINÉ
frankly not even bad, the beat is p good and 69 isnt completely unlistenable
honestly it was refreshing to hear new ideas and not the same wack clown/pirate beats over and over again
DEMONDICE - Strange Fiction
this has some of the worst sounding rapping, but the beats kinda go hard so if you can just tune out the rapping it becomes ok
The Living Tombstone - Report, Report, Report!
unlistenable, not sure what they were thinking when making this
Fivio Foreign - B.I.B.L.E.
Enjoyable, def isn't what I was expecting tho. I wanted more of the Polo G song type vibe, where Fivio sounds hungry and ready to spit some heavy bars. Instead I got some lackluster vibes mixed with some killer highs.

best: Changed On Me. Through The Fire, On God, Slime Them

billy woods - Aethiopes
one of those albums where you shut up and hear what the artist has to say
Sus - Suspicious Activity
this thing goes HARD. standout in uk drill
Harto Falión - Stray Mutt
this is very enjoyable
Roddy Ricch - LIVE LIFE FAST
overhated, its highs are nice and it lows are alright
Ghais Guevara - Black August Pack
Great ep, in line with the sound Ghais has been going for on BlackBolshevik, held back a little though because section 8 isnt great.

fave tracks: weighted blanket. dropout tendencies, blood starved beasts
worst: section 8

Ghais Guevara - May Ur Melanin Shield U From Ragnarok
this album is awesome, so many strong, booming, and frankly great beats, furious vocals, and an overall varied and consistantly enjoyable album, totally worth a listen

favorite tracks: crate hackers, rattus, black unity, jimmy butler, stuntin like my daddy
worst: refraction, but its still good

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