Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red
Wow this album is a game changer! Now ANY artist has a chance to top Carti :D
elitimesfour - Poggers Based Fishe
Poggers Based Fishe
Is this as bad as people say it is? No not at all! But is it as fantastic as people are saying? No... not really...

There is a lot of potential for Bring Me the Horizon to improve on this sound and make a project that is miles above this. I have never been a huge fan of Bring Me the Horizon's recent outings, and this is coming from someone who bumped them a WHOLE lot back in high school. The guitars are still super under-produced for my liking, for while there's a good low-end in the bass the ... read more

Acetantina - Temple of Null
I'm trappin in tha 80s woaahhh
Ryan Benis - Rollercoaster
-20 points for the disgusting cough, it's a bit insensitive.
Mindless Self Indulgence - Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy
I'm the only 21 year old you can trust on this site
Dorian Electra - My Agenda
I was told if I left a review here then I'd get on popular this week. I haven't even listened to the album yet xd

EDIT: I was also told it should have one sex joke. So penis yummy yummy yummy yummy
EDIT2: That joke was so below me I'm so sorry.
EDIT3: I was drunk last night so I don't remember making these edits
EDIT4: I keep contemplating about deleting this review because of how trash it is, but maybe it'll get some attention so I'll keep on chuggin'
EDIT5: Wowee zowee! This review went from ... read more

Grimes - Miss Anthropocene
Avenade but not as good
Deftones - Ohms
I'm transcending and crying at the same time, this isn't supposed to be scientifically possible.

Well now that I'm the second most liked review on this album, I feel more obligated to talk more about this. This album grips you during its 46 minute runtime and never lets you go for a second. It's so heavy yet so atmospheric. People like to compare this album to others in their discog, "ooh this sounds like KNY and SNW and S/T and blah blah blah". Honestly, this sounds like its own ... read more

M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
This could've been an 8 or a 9 if there wasn't so much goddamn filler. But Outro still sticks out as one of the most beautiful songs I've ever had the pleasure of hearing, keeps it from being a 6.

Favs: Outro, New Map, Wait, Midnight City, Intro
Least Favs: Raconte-Moi Une Histoire, Klaus I Love You

6ix9ine - TattleTales
BradTaste made me listen to this. I hate him now.
Carissa's Wierd - Songs About Leaving
I haven't bawled my eyes out to an album in a very long time, I just want to thank this band for making such a beautiful record.
The Microphones - Microphones in 2020
i was giggling like a little school girl the entire time this was playing
Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism
Me: Well, I'm finally an indie bitch now
Jon from ARTV: You always were, friend :)
Me: Ew wtf stop touching me joN STOP I DON'T WANT THI-
Death Cab for Cutie - Something About Airplanes
"wah wah bad production" stfu your face is bad production
Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
People who rate this album below my score are cowards
Weezer - Make Believe
i hate weeze
The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute
I now deem the chorus of Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus as one of the best musical moments of all time.

I recently got into the band The Mars Volta at the beginning of the year by a friend's recommendation (thanks Josh 😍). They queued up Deloused in the Comatorium, and I witnessed what was one of the greatest prog rock albums I've ever been blessed with. The album was fast, loud, and abrasive filled with so many textures and soundscapes. That's when I fell in love with this band, and I had that ... read more

Grimes - Visions
This is what tripping on shrooms sounds like
Grimes - Art Angels
holy shit this blew away my expectations. right after my first listen i had to immediately replay it again :o

Faves: Flesh without Blood, Kill V. Maim, Pin, REALiTi, Venus Fly

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