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Rum.gold - Thicker Than Water
After releasing two EPs that showed worlds of potential, rum.gold provided one of the most memorable album experiences I’ve had in recent memory on ‘Thicker Than Water.’ His voice is absolutely stunning, with an unreal control of his falsetto and passion pouring out of his words. They’re painfully relatable, grounded, and honest- the textbook definition of hurting so good.

The heartbreak of his lyrics is captivating enough, but the dynamic instrumentation backing them ... read more

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Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
‘The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We’ sees Mitski embracing simplistically structured, yet sonically rich balladry. There’s a folk-country sound behind many of these tracks, accentuating the lovestruck delicacy of “My Love Mine All Mine” while translating into the lush strings of “Heaven.” Her personal storytelling is laced with tangible imagery, with strong metaphors behind songs like “When Memories Snow” and “I’m Your ... read more
Tinashe - BB/ANG3L
While I enjoyed Tinashe’s vocal performances and the smooth production on ‘BB/ANG3L,’ many of its tracks feel inconclusive. Whether cut short by their brief runtime or lacking in meaningful progression, I wish the interesting sounds presented were explored further, although its compact structure is well-suited for a smaller project like this.
Osees - Intercepted Message
‘Intercepted Message’ is a lot of fun, with bubbly, vibrant synths accentuating the band’s eclectic punk sound. While the chaotic “Die Laughing” is intentionality aimless and the repetition of “The Fish Needs a Bike” reinforces its absurdity, other tracks such as “Blank Chems” feel needlessly meandering. This issue (and the tone overall) makes the gentle, psychedelic sentimentality of the longest track “Always At Night” seem ... read more
Genesis Owusu - STRUGGLER
‘STRUGGLER’ places the danceable grooves and expressive vocals from Owusu’s earlier work in an entirely new context. They’re at their absolute funkiest on “That’s Life (A Swamp),” while the intensity of chugging riffs on tracks like “Stay Blessed” are more punk-inspired. He smoothly croons over the alternative R&B ballads “See Ya There” and “Stuck To The Fan,” while providing numerous choruses that repeat often ... read more
Olivia Rodrigo - GUTS
Olivia Rodrigo is clearly aware of her public image, but shows that she’s confident in who she believes herself to be on songs like “all-american bitch” and “pretty isn’t pretty.” This thematic dichotomy is reflected between the snarky spoken word and bombastic choruses on her pop-punk leaning tracks, and the gentle verses she delivers through the balladry of “vampire.” Even these quieter moments build towards a satisfying climax, as the intimate ... read more


Hello there Hayden the Froggy Chair!
Would you like to be part of my new community list? This time, the topic is "Airplane Mode": what would be, in your opinion, a perfect song to play while flying high up in the sky.
I'm looking forward to your submission! And for this occasion I will also make a playlist for Spotify and maybe YouTube as well
frog chair
I just finished my most personal review ever to celebrate my 1 year anniversary on this site. I'd appreciate it if you checked it out and let me know your thoughts cause this is the first time I can say that all my words truly just flowed from my heart
Hey!! I made a list containing the highest user rated tracks on this site, whether they be singles or just regular tracks off an album.

If you know of any tracks rated 98 or higher with 100 people or more having rated it, then comment a recommendation. I think it would be interesting to find out which songs are the highest rated by users on this site.

List: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/nooffensebut/list/112515/highest-user-rated-tracks/
Hey Hayden, sorry to bother you and do a shameless plug but just in case you had some time, I released my first Ambient song on my new artist page, if you'd review it, that would mean a lot to me (even if you hate it) and if not, that's totally fine too. Feel free to completely shit on it if you want. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/611995-axolotl--card-game.php (here it is, have a good one :)
Hey! My 2022 Ranked list is finished. If interested, give it a read and let me know how you feel! Hope you have an awesome end of the year! :)

Hi Hayden, do you want to contribute to my list?
Yo Hayden! What's an album you think is better experienced whilst listening to it at nighttime? This is for a list btw, you can pick as many albums as you like. Reasonings are optional :)
Frog chair frog chair


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