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Hayden7575 -
Speakerboxxx/The Low Below is a massive double album from legendary hip-hop duo OutKast, split into two individual solo albums from Big Boi and André 3000 respectively.

Speakerboxxx is more of a pure rap album than its counterpart, while also taking a more political and socially-focused stance. There’s a heavy amount of jazz instrumentation complimented by funk elements, found in tracks like “Bowtie” and “The Way You Move.” It has its fair share of ... read more

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Hayden7575 -
‘Van Weezer’ operates as a tribute of sorts, mimicking the classic riffs and infectious hooks of the 80s classic rock era. Rivers Cuomo still brings his endearing lyricism to the mic, and the band hones into their alt rock core on tracks like “Sheila Can Do It.” While they blend these sounds relatively well, most of their inspirations are more derivative than creative (“She Needs Me”), but they’re rarely entirely unenjoyable.

Their ideas are mostly hit ... read more
Hayden7575 -
‘I Love You, Honeybear’ has Father John Misty presenting a witty and cynical view of love, romance, and relationships in general. The genuine nature of its opening track is hysterically ironic when viewed in the greater context of the album, as are the record’s gorgeous instrumentals and upbeat tone. He holds no punches, taking jabs at stereotypical women on “The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apt.” and lackluster men on “The Ideal Husband.” He mocks ... read more
Hayden7575 -
Lucy Dacus’s first EP, ‘2019,’ features a collection of singles she dropped across that same year, correlating with various holidays and celebrations. Some are original tracks, but many are covers of a wide variety of genres and artists, leading to a mixed pot of results. “Fool’s Gold” is a stunning, lovely original opener, and the equally beautiful “La Vie En Rose” takes a more upbeat tone, intertwining English lyrics into Édith ... read more
Hayden7575 -
While much of the hype surrounding ‘Super What?’ is due to its status as MF DOOM’s first posthumous release, this is undoubtedly a CZARFACE album through and through. Fortunately, they bring their A-game on a lyrical front, and the production from The Czar-Keys (7L and Todd Spadafore) evokes the lighthearted spirit of both the artists’ most lovable works.

While only appearing for a handful of verses, DOOM has writing credits on every track, and his influence can be felt ... read more
Hayden7575 -
‘Historian’ improves upon Lucy’s previous LP, ‘No Burden,’ in nearly every way. It strikes a satisfying balance between her soft vocals and its rough, indie rock instrumentals, exploring a wide pallet of sounds. The longer run times of tracks like “Night Shift” and “Pillar of Truth” allow her to effortlessly transition between gentle balladry and grandiose performance, also seen on “Body to Flame.” The electrifying guitar ... read more


May 1, 2021
Great taste, frog chair! Whenever you get the chance, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my pick for AOTY 2019 - Snubnose by Grip.
Dec 22, 2020
Fantastic reviews, I love reading them. Keep up the good stuff!
Dec 16, 2020


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