Feb 17, 2019 (updated Mar 17, 2019)
Thank you JoaoSantos, very cool!

EDIT: Thought I'd give it an actual review instead of leaving this meme review up (also because now I have experienced on vinyl as well!) Who would of thought clicking on random peoples AOTY profile page would lead me to find such an obscure album? I guess that's kind of the point of a site like this, but still, it's definitely cool to see.

Take every album Prog Rock album ever, blend them together, then add the "Psychedelic and Experimental" ingredient to it (maybe a dash of speed), then BAM, you got this album. The production sounds outstanding, the passages are insane, and the music is super gratifying with no stand out bad songs. Maybe at the core of it, what Starring is doing isn't the most unique or mind blowing thing ever, but damn if it isn't mega fun. It really blows my mind and makes me sort of depressed that albums that are this great receive so little attention, especially because I think this would be pretty accessible for most people. Definitely check it out, it deserves to be listened to.
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Feb 17, 2019
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