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hbear -
Love the chorus but I'm like...hating how jarring the verses are. It's so ugly omg 💀

EDIT: it's growing welp-
hbear -
I’m…incredibly perplexed by the initial wave of negative ratings! This is a brilliant (albeit a glossier and less guttural) consolidation of what made Heaven to a Tortured Mind such a 2020 highlight. Contoured by the same experimental flourishes that shaped the freeform Safe In the Hands of Love, this EP is cerebral, grungey, psychedelic, and still somehow very accessible despite being on the cutting edge. Maybe it's a little sprawling, but is that really a bad thing when it comes ... read more
hbear -
Poised and elegant like always, but admittedly it's lacking the flair that made her previous albums so stellar to me. Will probably grow on me since she's the queen of slow-burns (and there are many slow-burners on this album) but the strongest tracks are the ones with more creative touches. After all — despite the neo-soul and nu-jazz stylings of her music — the core appeal of Snoh Aalegra’s output lies in her gorgeous, satin voice, and there's plenty to sink your teeth into ... read more
hbear -
Absolutely incredible and lush album. The singles leading up to Fatigue intrigued me, but I was surprised at how beautifully the album cohered into an experience that somehow feels incredibly immersive, ethereal, and enveloping. I'm not smart enough to contemplate the correct vocabulary to describe the album; either way, I highly recommend this for anyone who’s interested in a more whimsical and psychedelic strain of R&B!
hbear -
Oh my god this is so fucking good


Jun 7, 2021
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Apr 30, 2021
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Apr 29, 2021
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