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slowthai - TYRON
Feb 14

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Tirzah - Send Me
Send Me
Apr 14

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hbear -
This is clearly a vibe project but the vibes are undeniable! Yaya's voice is rich and serene, which I think both complements and grounds the homespun nature of this EP pretty effectively. The overall direction of The Things I Can't Take With Me is pretty freeform and meandering, but the junctures where things really cohere make for pretty bombastic moments (especially on the swaggering highlight "fxck it then"). It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's a short and digestible ... read more
hbear -
Such a surprisingly dynamic and colorful album! I listened to this on a whim and I was surprised at how eclectic and diverse the tracklist was and how rich the instrumentals are — it all kinda coheres behind her voice, which is quite high-pitched and distinctive (similar to NAO's voice). The album conjures up a sort of atmosphere that is quite unique and worldbuilding in a way that I haven't seen many replicate this year


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