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Hellboy007 -
Is this rock? Is rock this bad lmao. I've never listened to any rock and after listening to this, I'll probably never listen to rock.
PS: This album doesn't change anything though. I still love cudi. His MOTM trilogy means a lot to me.
Still, this shit is not good. I couldn't even get past the 15th track. I gave up.
Hellboy007 -
Kanye's 4th best album which pretty much explains Kanye's greatness. This is all I wanted from kanye after the "backback ye era". I may end up liking this more than MBDTF. Kanye is rapping so well again, it just brings a smile on my face. Probably his best rapping after TCD and LR. Obviously there's "Fade", which is fucking awful. It's like a 1/10 and completely brings down the overall album rating. "No More Parties in LA" is so fucking amazing bro. I mean it's ... read more
Hellboy007 -
Cole's magnus opus tbh. Cole's best album by far. Cole is rapping really well here. I've the same opinions on the album even though I'm listening to this after quite some time. My only gripe is his singing. It's not that bad but why sing when he's rapping at his best in the first half of the album. Still, forest hills is a fucking vibe. Excellent production too.
Most fav: Track 2 to 6, GOMD, No role modelz
Least fav: St. Tropez
Hellboy007 -
This album never fails to impress. I keep learning something new each listen. I remember listening to this a couple years ago(early 2018 I guess), and I felt it was alright. I loved GKMC at the time. But coming back to the album a year later, I was speechless. Everything is great in this album. This album has everything. King kunta, Alright, and hood politics:; if you want the bangers or "whip music " basically. Great introspective songs like 'u', how much a dollar cost, pretty much ... read more
Hellboy007 -
Remember listening to this last june and losing my mind. One year and things haven't really changed. It's still fucking great. Funny how this is a 10/10, but still ranks third in my Freddie discography, after pinata and bandana obviously.
Fantastic production again. Can't expect anything less from alchemist. Freddie just keeps getting better with age, not for once has a boring flow. Raw, addictive flows all over. Top-tier features too. Benny and rick ross were pretty good. I loved that one ... read more
Mar 3, 2021
I’ll get into the new hip-hop albums fairly soon tho! I’ll most likely start with the Slowthai one and the new one by Madlib
Mar 2, 2021
Personally, I’d say it’s the debut by Black Country, New Road, I love unpredictable post-rock/progressive rock so this one was a deal made in heaven.
Mar 1, 2021
I’ve heard good things about this album, I added it to my list for upcoming listens so I’ll get to it pretty soon! 🙏🏼
Feb 28, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁
Feb 21, 2021
you seems like a guy that 90% of music you listen are hip-hop, rap songs
but what i listen to are 90% of rock songs, lmao
i'm still trying to expand my music taste, it's really not easy for me
Feb 18, 2021
i bet ur the eminem fan who only listens to eminem
Feb 15, 2021
thank you so muck for following me
Feb 6, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
yeah I'm an eminem fan. The only genre I've ever cared about and loved is hip-hop. Which includes trap. Basically rap is all I listen to. Open to suggestions though.
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