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Dec 11, 2018
Anyone else just completely lost all will to listen to music? The idea of discovering something new turns you off because you think you've heard it all? Old records you used to love aren't fun to listen to because they remind you of a time when you were happier? You used to listen to music while walking your dog but now you walk in silence? Bought bluetooth headphones with the microphone on the cord but only so passersby will think you're on the phone when really you're just having the same ... read more
Dec 5, 2018
I think it's great that her and Wayne still have such a strong /working/ relationship, but why she would choose to collab with him for the 348953th time instead of featuring some younger more hype rapper to help sell this flopping single from her flopping album is beyond me. His verse is fine, but not so incredible that it makes me reconsider the song, which was always a tier II Queen track.

Adding 10 points because it appears this version of the song has replaced "FEFE" on the ... read more
Dec 1, 2018
A massively underrated single from her massively oversaturated 2012 output. She successfully captures a feeling of emotional subtlety that Roman Reloaded was completely unable to convey. Her and Wayne will never be able to recreate the chemistry they had on this song and video, no matter how many unnecessary appearances he continues to make on her singles.
Nov 29, 2018
Albums like these make me wish I was someone who attached more importance to lyrics, because I'm guessing my overall experience would be greatly enhanced by more devoted attention to the way Dacus analyzes death and tragedy in her writing. The problem is that if the music isn't interesting enough of an access point to make me want to listen more closely, I often don't feel compelled to devote more time to understanding a deeper layer of the album's concept.

That's not to say Historian is ... read more
Nov 27, 2018
Her best song in 11 years, sorry Sweet Escape stans. Still bittersweet that it gave me the dumb hope that its parent album was going to be the pop Vulnicura or something.
Aug 31, 2018
You got ummm some of the best reviews here. I really enjoy them.
Aug 21, 2018
90-100: Will sing these to my grandchildren
80-89: Probably has a lower rating in my head but i want 2 b cool
70-79: Probably has a higher rating in my head but i want 2 b cool
60-69: Only remembered the singles
50-59: Bad album from good artist
40-49: Bad artist from good album
30-39: Only remembered the singles (not for good reasons)
20-29: Made me wonder if still having Spotify premium is worth it
10-19: Try not to rate this low cause it's mean :(
0-9: Will sing these to your grandchildren
Aug 16, 2018
Did you know:

Steven Douglas was a great debater but Abraham Lincholn was the great emancipator?
May 20, 2018
I wanted to tell you "THANKS!" for following me!
You have good taste! Especially in Liz Phair.
Apr 11, 2018
black lake specifically was good
Apr 11, 2018
i, uhhh, like your soundcloud
Don't ever call me stupid! I have a Brian Eno album on my iPod!!!!
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