Grimes - Miss_Anthrop0cene
Oct 28, 2019
Last month, I saw Aldous Harding live at Berklee. While I was waiting for the concert to begin, I noticed the guy standing in front of me was blatantly going on Scruff and Grindr every two minutes with no subtlety whatsoever. I know I'm not the only one who holds the phone super close to my chest when going on a dating app in public, so I was kinda fascinated by this guy's boldness. I feel a little guilty that I covertly snapped a photo of him doing it to send to the group chat, but hey, we all love a good kiki.

Anyway, he apparently lives in Jamaica Plain and messaged me on Grindr out of the blue last week when I was in the neighborhood to sing karaoke with a polyamorous college professor who I've been flirting with for like a month (his singing voice is amazing). Apparently he was drawn to my profile because my name on there is 'Pang' (his is "Have One on Me" because of course it is) and we've just been musically geeking out for the past few days. He's nine years older than me and not my usual type (polyamorous college professors) but still pretty cute, plus his favorite Björk album is Medulla so, like, taste. He teaches music at a private school in one of the Boston suburbs and apparently is doing an arrangement of Rosalia's "Pienso En Tu Mira" for their winter concert. I cannot imagine it possibly sounding good but he said he'd show me the arrangement he made so I guess I'll reserve judgements until then.

Did I mention at the time of the concert his username was "Cloudbusting" (because of course it was)? When he first messaged we talked about how young folks don't seem to know much about Kate Bush anymore and that at this point her Google alerts mentions are mainly from music critics lazily bringing her up any time a female artpop singer drops a project (ironically Anthony Fantano's review of Pang dropped a few hours later, and guess who he compares Caroline Polachek to in it?). By the way, he mentions all these artists as if I already know who they are (as opposed to asking "do you listen to ____") which just shows the synchronicity of the artsy yt gays I guess. He asked me what my next concert is but actually I don't really go to concerts like that (his was Jay Som... because of course it was).

Anyway he sent me the link to the leak of this today so, like, glad I met ya dude.

Gonna hold off on a full review until the real deal drops but, like, geez, what a regression. I'll say that I like the identity-crisis progression of "4AM," the pensiveness of "New Gods," the acoustic instrumentation of "Black Swan Blues," and nearly everything about "B4 the Fever" (seriously, this thing sounds like it's burrowing deeper and deeper into the earth and I love it even if it's kinda the same trick as the ending of "World Princess Pt. II"). Aristophanes is also a welcome returning face on "Dark Side," but the vast majority of this album is somehow overblown and underrealized at the same time. I'd guess Grimes has written detailed and cringey manifesto concepts behind each of these songs but, like, that doesn't change how rudderless so much of it feels. The big thing I thought this record would have over Hopelessness (which it pretty much robs its whole concept from) would be more interesting deep cuts, but even that isn't totally in the bag here.

I always think about how important it is to have another set of ears. If you've ever created music you know how easy it is to get sucked up in your own work to the point that you really have no clue how the first-time listener will experience your work. Would the intricacy of the instrumentation on "Adore" be obvious to the listener once the percussion drops out, or does it just sound like the same chord progression for seven minutes? Will the guitar layers of "My Name is Dark" resonate, or are they too buried too deep and too unfamiliar to the unindoctrinated ear on first listen? All I know is I am hoping this is a super old version of the album from months ago and the new and improved is ready to go somewhere.
Oct 29, 2019
Not funny didn’t laugh
Oct 29, 2019
ty for feedback. album still not good.
Nov 4, 2019
The tea in the first three paragraphs is everything tho.
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