Solange’s New Album Coming This Fall
by Staff to Solange
19h ago
Was not expecting this for another two years!!! Let's gooo!!!
Taylor Swift makes rare political statement in support of Tennessee Democratic candidates
by Staff to Taylor Swift
October 10, 2018
Ok girl but where was this political awareness a year ago when the alt-right was saying your music supports their agenda
Reckoning With Pinegrove
by Staff to Pinegrove
September 27, 2018
Seems like 'Sheridan Allen' has become the new villain of this story. Most Pinegrove fans I know irl are exactly the types to think the majority of #metoo people are lying (even before these accusations first surfaced) and this article definitely aims to highlight the contradictions of her actions and times she's misrepresented herself *cue honey you've got a big storm comin' gif.*
Charli XCX – “Focus (Yaeji Remix)”
by Staff to Charli XCX
September 24, 2018
XCXWorld when
10 SoundCloud Artists You Should Know About
by Staff
September 17, 2018
Where do you guys go for like actual hip hop reporting/recs? Between this and Pitchfork's horrendous 'Levels' thing these major publications are really making themselves look out of the loop.
Jack White Announces New Concert Film and Live EP
by Staff to Jack White
September 11, 2018
is he still good live? I saw his SNL performance of Over and Over which was a disaster but didn't seem like it was his fault?? idk
Video: How To Dress Well – “Nonkilling 6 | Hunger”
by Staff to How to Dress Well
September 11, 2018
ok we get it ur a hottie!!!
Muse unveil new album Simulation Theory, plus new single The Dark Side.
by Edgeworth to Muse
August 31, 2018
Matt Bellamy is in his 40s.
BROCKHAMPTON announce new album "Iridescence", out in September
by suicidepoetry to Brockhampton
August 27, 2018
using backs of heads in promotional material now in case more members accused of sexual misconduct.....
Nicki Minaj Calls Out Travis Scott, Spotify After Queen Debuts at No. 2 Behind Astroworld
by Staff to Nicki Minaj
August 20, 2018
still not as embarrassing as 'The Carters' bragging about not putting their music on spotify, then putting their record on spotify in an obvious bid to get the number one billboard spot only to be beat by fucking 5 seconds of summer.

Also did she not bundle her album with concert tickets too???
Mount Eerie’s Phil Elverum and Actress Michelle Williams Have Secretly Married
by Staff to Mount Eerie
July 29, 2018
I don't think Phil is dishonoring Genevieve or callously moving on. What a lot of people don't understand about widowers of people with terminal illnesses is that mentally (sometimes subconsciously) they often begin the moving on process even before their partner has passed, meaning they're not really coping from square one at time of death. Phil is a smart guy and he wouldn't marry Michelle for fame or notoriety. As widowers I think they have a connection most of us just don't understand.
Don’t Cry for Mitski
by Staff to Mitski
July 12, 2018
Answering all questions with "that's the worst thing to ask a Libra" from here on out.
M.I.A. Announces Release of New Documentary MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A.
by hellodecatur to M.I.A.
June 20, 2018
But this was finished in like 2013 so it won't cover anything from the last five years???

(good thing she hasn't done anything interesting in the last five years besides borders i guess)
50 Songs That Define the Last 50 Years of LGBTQ+ Pride
by Staff
June 20, 2018
the blatant heterophobia of this list not including Firework or Same Love!!!
New Track: serpentwithfeet – “seedless”
by Staff to serpentwithfeet
June 6, 2018
come thru dad!!!
Pitchfork Liner Notes: Liz Phair’s - Exile In Guyville
by bgod to Liz Phair
June 6, 2018
Really wish they would hire a voice actor to narrate these
Grimes Previews 2 New Songs
by Space Vacation to Grimes
June 5, 2018
She honestly is like "This song is garbage and I hate it it's not mastered well it's not my best work my label is forcing me to put it out"
*drops REALiTi*
Father John Misty Debuts New Song “Please Don’t Die”
by Staff to Father John Misty
May 27, 2018
why didn't he just push forward the digital release of the album after it leaked 1.5 months early- instead we're here acting like this isn't something we were listening to a month ago
Brockhampton Kick Out Ameer Vann Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations
by StrongerTD to Brockhampton
May 27, 2018
They did the right thing. I hope the boys are being honest in saying they were lied to/didn't really know what was going on and I hope they can recover from this.
Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry responds to “bullshit” album review
by Staff to CHVRCHES
May 24, 2018
I feel like the oversaturation of "revolution" songs with super generic, non-intrusive lyrics is building to this critic backlash where any music perceived as having **social commentary** will be dragged unless the lyrics are like a 35 page MLA-cited essay on the issue.

Or at least more deep than "We're lookin' for angels in the darkest of skies."
Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry responds to “bullshit” album review
by Staff to CHVRCHES
May 24, 2018
So she's upset that they immediately assumed since she's kinda one of the main faces of synth pop feminism that all the lyrics are shallow attempts at being #woke ?

u brought it on yourself by naming the album's first single after the most #woke movie of the 2010s, girlie!!!
Björk returns to Jools Holland for first TV performance in eight years
by Staff to Björk
May 23, 2018
so glad she did courtship instead of fuckin blissing me or arisen - guess she wanted to do a song that really showcases the flutes.
Grimes is dating Elon Musk
by Staff to Grimes
May 8, 2018
Amanda Palmer did it first
Natalie Prass Shares Vulnerable New Track "Lost"
by Staff to Natalie Prass
May 2, 2018
The Needle Drop's Top 50 Albums of 2017
by pouls
January 4, 2018
Mara taunts me 'neath the tree
She's like, "Oh great, that's just what we all need
Another white guy in 2017
Who takes himself so goddamn seriously."

-The only part of FJM's album I identified with
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