Doja Cat - Demons
I genuinely can’t stand her anymore, this is edgy as hell and much more derivative than anything she has done in the past, which makes me question why she sees her older music as “cash grabs” but somehow decides that this is more authentic. The epitome of blandness! Not even the salt-shaker was put on the table! Absolutely soulless, annoying and not fun whatsoever! Outrageous if you ask me!
Britney Spears - Blackout
Legendary, iconic and amazing! The B-sides grow on you like hell
“How High?” got me floating
Big Thief - Vampire Empire
you give me CHILLS.. i’ve had it with the DRILLS..
Still fun, still fresh, still OEC! Realistically speaking, «Version Up» feels very close to the quality of their previous EP «Mix & Match» and that´s all I could ever wish for. If we were to get a reissue like «Max & Match» I imagine the outcome being as highly regarded as the former project in the (K)Pop conversation but even if not, this new entry is a very welcome change of pace for the group in every way. Bubbly, energetic, groovy and ... read more
Geese - 3D Country
save a horse ride a cowboy
ODD EYE CIRCLE - Air Force One
Björk - Fossora
Honestly, this probably is in my top 3 Björk records after Vespertine and Homogenic. I love the biological references and how they coherently interfere with the themes at hand (very biased cause I’m a biology student). It’s just very very personal with a great, though challenging, sound palette. I love the airiness of “Allow” the bounciness of “Fungal City”, the grandness of “Freefall” and so on. “Her Mother’s House” is just ... read more
Aphex Twin - drukQs
Favorite Aphex album if I say so myself!
Melanie Martinez - PORTALS
I guess the entirety of Melanie´s charm as a musician is purely based off of the nostalgic illusion that she ever even used to be a decent and somewhat innovative alt-pop artist to begin with. In reality she was just a singer with a sweet raspy voice who was capable of gathering a die-hard fan base via, in a corporate sense, imitating and leeching off an aesthetic in her music that seemed edgy enough so that teens who were brought up during the golden days of tumblr could find something ... read more
Maruja - Knocknarea
The Tinker gotta be one of my favorite songs ever. They got me SEATED.
boygenius - the record
After letting it marinate for a couple of months, this is truly a fantastic record. THE record really.
Pretty lackluster but nobody is stopping me from getting down to it
Poppy - Spit
Coi Leray - My Body
coi this is terrible
Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!
A change of pace that I have yet to fully process, though I can say that I adore how strong, grand, and upfront not only the production but also the vocals feel here when compared to Jessie’s last project. Funny enough,“That! Feels Good!” has that during the party type of feeling to it, while “What’s Your Pleasure?” feels like cleaning afterwards when no one’s around and it’s just a semi-inebriated version of yourself, a broom and a rotating ... read more
BLACKPINK - Pink Venom
I fuck with it heavy and I’m not ashamed! It’s fun and GRRATATATA!
Tyler, The Creator - CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST: The Estate Sale
(Just rating the new tracks)
I’m not obsessed with 2 of the songs here but I’d say quality-wise everything’s pretty on par with the rest of the album, gorgeous!
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