Jeff Beck & Johnny Depp - 18
if i wanted to listen to an abuser making shit music i would've listened to Marilyn Manson.
Megan Thee Stallion - Plan B
yes she went from main pop girlie to throwback rap.
Taylor Swift - This Love (Taylor's Version)
this song is so calm and relaxing. it always relaxes me and i love the production and instrumentation. i always feel like the taylor's version releases sound so much more mature and it makes sense as taylor herself has grown and matured.
Albert Freeman - Early spring songs (leaves, rain, flowers, guitar and piano)
put my baby sister to sleep but is boring and feels like a cheap-conceptual-album-wannabe.

ok so like i tried it again... and nah still didn't click lol. but it went from propofol in an album to future indie sellout, so yay improvement?

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On treblafreeman's review of Arca - KicK iii
"spainish is white LMAOOOOOOOOO. but your one of those colonizers with a superioty complex that thinks latino music is just random bs lyrics and shitty reggaeton. and liking some latin artists doesn't mean your racist, just like that time you said your not sexist cause you like music made by women. lol please try to use the remaining brain cells you have."
On Z.Younk's review of Lou Reed & Metallica - Lulu
"bruh i literally think you have some sort of brian defect if you thing lulu is better than 1989 and punisher. i will not not fuck you up you fat smelly low-brow poor ugly man."
On treblafreeman's review of Arca - KicK iii
"guys leave albert alone hes a white dude who decided to hate any sort of latin music that doesnt put people to sleep in 5 minutes, like his cheap folk "albums""
On aristocat's review of Arca - KicK iii
"@a_star callate estupido its not just pronouns its identity which is a social construct dumb ass"

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