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The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Aug 26, 2014
The absolute definitive rock-album of all time. Packed with 28 heavy-hearted songs filled with angst, emotions of distress, love, sadness, and all other components that make life worth livable, this is the one album that could only be described as the pinnacle of modern rock music.

This album does not shy away from telling you how dark this void of an earth really is, or how frail and thin life really is when you search deep inside yourself. It speaks of how love is suicide, of how everybody lives with the fear of being ordinary, and how sometimes taking a chance isn't going to pay off. But it also speaks of beauty. It speaks of lovers, the arrows of Cupid, how one bends over to kiss the love of their life by starlight.

It speaks of how every night is special in its own light, how you along with everybody else on this planet feel misunderstood, feel empty, feel godless and not least feel as if life itself is something ungraspable that you don't know how to react against.

Along with many others, these (sometimes seemingly nihilistic) themes songwriter Billy Corgan gives you more than a glimpse in to what he had perceived life to be.
All the fears he had conquered, all the demons he had yet to face and most importantly - all the regrets he now understood he would have to live with. The lyrics of this album also stand out for being overtly poetic, and uniquely gorgeous for a rock album of this caliber.

Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness is not an ordinary double-album. It is indeed a challenging listen. Its two records spanning over 120 minutes of music ranging from acoustic-folk, to dream-pop, to alternative metal and pure outright - rock.

Strangely enough, these songs do work together in the concept of a double disc and extremely well at that too. You need to understand that this is truly the only album ever created that runs the full spectrum of rock music. What I mean by that is that there is no other album ever created that has had a more epic and progressive aspiration to defy you as an individual. To defy whoever you are.

Mellon Collie could have been released as two different kinds of record because of its diversity and strange beauty. The production sound is awe-inspiring and the amount of raw emotions put together into these two hours of music is more than any human being can comprehend at a first listen.

This is the one true record that truly attempts to interpret life.
And by God does it succeed at doing just that.

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