Theory of a Deadman - Say Nothing
May 25, 2020
It's like Nickelback without anything worth listening to, or any foundation of basic songwriting ability. 'Black Hole In the Heart' is one of the worst intro tracks I've ever heard, and of there's that 'The Score' song named after serial-killing heartthrob 'Ted Bundy'--why I dunno I guess it's cause: ''our love is criminal'' and "baby you know I love you to death''. Come on, the theme of your song is centered around a man who murdered 30 women, and yet the most edge you can muster is cheesy teen-bop lyrics and a trumpet outro. What was the point of this overblown love song, besides being a dumb-as-dirt, less edgy 'Fall Out Boy' remake.

Then we get the fun finale of 0.10/10 string of songs to close out this godforsaken record, when all of the sudden they decide to get politically aware and then in the ensuing tracks culturally aware, grant such gems as:

Out here living in the Wild West
A lack of confidence is when I'm at my best
I'm just a burnout trying to fade away
Like a moth drawn to the flame

Ain't no sinner, ain't no saint
Just a white boy spittin' slang

Why, in East LA
There's a little girl dreamin' of a family
She says, "The system won't give love for me"
Another lost soul's what she'll wind up bein'

Ya feel the same, until your friends, they come callin'
If you need me I'll be ASMRin'
I'm way too faded to be hangin' though

Actually pretty much the entirety of ''It's All Good'' is lyrical m(y/a)stery...

I could put in more effort to describe the musicality, but there's not much that warrants describing, nor even compels one to try because this is one of the least enjoyable listening experiences I've ever gone through. As someone who actually likes shitty Pop-Rock, maybe a little more than I should, I can say there's little to no discernible entertainment to be had, at least other Pop Rock bands have typically appealing vocal delivery and the dying yet still existent ability to write lyrics that fit a style and theme. Hopefully this will all be drained out of my memory by the next day.

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