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i vote music based on its production, tune, rhythm, atmosphere, catchiness, replay value etc. and i usually disregard lyrics unless they're that good or bad.
music is alright i guess 100 = Non-existent 90 - 99 = Amazing 80 - 89 = Great 70 - 79 = Good 60 - 69 = Decent 50 - 59 = Average 40 - 49 = Below Average 30 - 39 = Bad 20 - 29 = Horrible 10 - 19 = Absolutely Appalling 0 - 9 = The day I listen to something this bad is the day I retire my ears
52nd Street
I only rate singles! You're wasting your time here. Check out my main account instead ⬇️
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
hello, I'm Damon, I'm a 16 year old bisexual fuck that likes music way too much. Ratings based on my enjoyment. I take album requests on my wall.
San Diego (All instathots are two hours up north)
Live with authenticity to yourself, every second of the day. Send me recommendations that’s not metal, noise rock, or gangsta rap
New Jersey
Spider-Man/Venom stan|90: Amazing 80: Great 70: Good 60: Decent 50: Mediocre 40: Not Good 30: Bad 20: Awful 10: Terrible 9 and below: Garbage
Review Schedule Friday: new album Sunday: classic album or a random album Failures may occur! Checkout my Website to read the full reviews:
n o s t a l g i a
Alone in my room dancing to Aphex Twin
19 year old Polish/Irish music nerd with nothing better to do with his life. My review of the new Dan Deacon album: My singles account: @NostalgiaSingle
Playing the wrong Records to the right people since 2012
Only rating my current top 100 albums for each year (+20 noteworthy albums that I rated under 50/100 for each year). %%%%Specific Percentage Specials%%%% 69% art lover / 49% sacred cow / 2% WAOTY / 1% RBF / 0% MA Have fun with it.
Las Vegas
Vegas boy I love music so I'm a bit of a whore when it comes to ratings 100=I intend on consummating my marriage to these albums at some point 95=Exceptional 90=I love you 85=This shit be HITTIN 80=Oh aight I see what you doin there 75=Real Good 70=Good 65=eh (positive tonal inflection) 60=Nah 55=Eh (negative tonal inflection) 50-0=Varying degrees of oof
The North Pole
currently transcending through the ethereal void ............................................................................................................... 100-95: unbelievable, once in a blue moon album 89-94: elite 83-88: super good 76-82: nice 70-75: solid i guess 60-69: come on you can do better 50-59: this really isnt good at all 25-49: garbage 0-24: the worst music of all time
20 year old from Norfolk, England that is just trying to listen to more music
Kanye's sunday service
@jeremiah.516 on instagram I'm also apart of a really dope rap collective on there @rapcornballs. Check it you're favorite album is a 8.4 I'm not a very strict reviewer but if its bad its bad. I tend to talk about music and bug people about it so thats why I'm on this site. STFU I'm listening to Saint Pablo
Colorado,Springs, Colorado
MUSIC RELEASES FROM BIGDRU BigDru Colorado Springs ,COLORADO,United States 01/18/2019 Album Released By: BigDru You can purchase Tracks Now on Many Outlets:…lz6ra7pdf3e&hl=en
gimme 2020 recs please :)
I rate by even numbers 100-50 = good 50-2 = bad 0 = ugly -0 - light -2 - light to decent -4 - decent -6 - decent to strong -8 - strong
IM BACK BISH, the challenge on the 17th of january
Hii, I really love music and I always have a opinion about the projects I listen to, so I'll rate and review them. How I rate projects: AMAZING TRACKS = 5/5 GREAT TRACKS = 4/5 GOOD TRACKS = 3/5 AVERAGE TRACKS = 2/5 NOT GOOD TRACKS = 1/5 TRASH TRACKS (I only use this category if it's needed)= 0/5 Then I count all the points and use this calculation: points : maximum points x 9 + 1 = ?/100
florida,, that's it really
hey i'm wless! i like listening to stuff, and i'm doing my best to write short blurbs of my thoughts for said stuff. most of my ratings are adapted from what i give albums on rym. 100 : A+ : it's amazing 90 - 99 : A : it's great 80 - 89 : B : it's good 70 - 79 : C : it's alright 60 - 69 : D : i do not like this 0 - 59 : F : i really do not like this
Most of my reviews are positive.
richard (crjs biggest fan)
feel free to msg me!
100 - Perfect Album that I replay often or consider innovative 90 - Amazing album 80 - Great or something I very much enjoy 70 - Either an objectively great album that I don't enjoy THAT much or a good album 60 - Above average album that may have some flaws 50 - General indifference 40 - Not good, might have a few tracks I enjoy though 30 - Bad, the record has fundamental issues that prevent it from being enjoyable 20, 10 -Terrible to offensively bad. Actively hate it
m.A.A.d city
just a guy who finds joy in discovering new music and expressing my opinions on it...
i'm groot
Scuttlebutt Island
Young Thug stan. Fuck with Jarod. Fuck with Tommy. Fuck with Tommy. Fuck with Cody. Man this shit is gon’ get sketchy.
Davis, CA
I reviewed in college for the Rice Thresher and in grad school for the Berkeley BSide. Briefly kept my own review blog. Love compiling lists and doing stats. Very curious to see the decade end lists. I also front an indie rock band called UT Kirin.
I don’t typically rate albums I don’t like, so mostly a display of what I like to varying degrees. Some disappointments I looked forward to may get bad ratings.
Trash Island
I fucking hate music
sorry if im taking over your feed
peppa pig better release an album in 2020
I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me! This is the twin account of AndreManfre93, I use this only to rate singles :) My other account: Please feel free to recommend songs that I should listen to!
canada 🅴🅷(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ 🍁 ♥
Singles account: i spend most of my time listening to florence + the machine my library is stuff i need to listen to rym:
Ice Age baby's funeral
18 year old. 10/10 would listen to recommendations.
making out to frank ocean
Hi, I'm Mol and I enjoy metaphorical language, long-distance travel, and cats. Also, gay bops that bump in the whip. Never have I been locked up in a world of misery I need you darlin' to set me free Come back, baby, try me one more time Ooh, baby, I'm 'bout to go out of my mind <3 My favorite (review):
I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me! I also have a twin account where I rate only singles (Manfre93Singles): Please feel free to recommend albums that I should listen to!
yeety yeety lemme lick yo feety
Ratings are based on personal enjoyment
Listening to Die Lit
You may notice that I mostly give out very positive reviews, that is because I love to talk about music I love. Also, if an album doesn't interest me I probably won't even finish it. Feel free to reccomended me some stuff.
Now an official fan of black midi
Currently busy studying horticulture; so I'm mostly listening to relaxing music. I'm a sucker for classics; but am currently enjoying slowly going through all of 2019's releases I can. I like to follow all users, so my high follower count doesn't indicate the quality of my reviews. 85+ is excellent & 50 and below is everyone else's 20 and below (My rating system is pretty kind to crap albums). I try to rate albums with a healthy mixture of critical objectivity and personal subjectivity.
The Consta Concordia
i want to see a Kanye-Thom Yorke collab before i die.
Stampeding Cattle Through The Vatican
Rating System: 100 = Masterpiece/Perfect 90-99 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Good 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Medicore 40-49 = Bad 30-39 = Horrible 20-29 = Awful 10-19 = Cancer 0-9 = Corey Feldman Other Accounts: LETTERBOXD:

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