AOTY 2023
Sufjan Stevens - Javelin
ive been absent from reviewing for a while, this album changed that.

tw for mentions of suicide, sh, and just heavy topics

the afternoon of october 6, i was listening to a running start, sitting in my bed, when i got a text from my best friend of nearly 15 years. weve grown up together, talked every day since preschool, told each other everything, and spent countless hours on the phone since i switched schools just talking about things i dont think i could tell anyone else. at that point, i ... read more

yeule - sulky baby
they done it again boys

yeules first release since last years under-appreciated gem "glitch princess", they prove their ability to continuously evolve and change as an artist who gains much of their appeal from their novelty.

on the idea of evolution, "sulky baby" feels like the natural next step up from glitch princess. it retains the glitchy, electronic atmosphere and introspective lyrics, but then expands on the acoustic side of yeule. this was briefly explored on ... read more

Lana Del Rey - The Grants
lana paints a timeless picture of reluctant hope in dire circumstances on the grants, and its easily one of her most touching tracks. the instrumentation is fantastic, being grand and meaningful. it almost felt like it was out of a stage musical, the way it triumphantly surrounded and eventually flooded her voice. lyrically, im blown away. this is the most sincere and poetic lanas sounded in a while. particularly the bridge, describing taking her favorite memories with her, hurts me. ive never ... read more
Gorillaz - Cracker Island
this was my first gorillaz album, and i am... um... well... uhhh...

february of 2023 is ending with a bang (or was supposed to) with gorillaz long awaited eighth album cracker island. and cracker island is, if anything, a "bang" of an album. funky, erratic, and most of all: fun. before i get into my thoughts, i just gotta get it out of the way and say that cracker island is fun as hell.

but fun doesnt always translate to quality or, more specifically to cracker island, memorability. ... read more

Frank Ocean - Blonde
blond has been an album that, for a long time now, ive been very appreciative of. every melody, beat, and note is immaculately programmed and placed throughout, its a true accomplishment for frank to call this album his own.

but it seems at points, thats all blond is; an accomplishment.

disliking this album is hardly a hot take. in fact its a cold, bone-dry take. if i didnt like blond, coming out and saying it would be controversial for about ten minutes before everyone got over it. and even ... read more

Falling In Reverse - Watch The World Burn
ronnie radicating my ability to hear
Paramore - This Is Why
paramores fifth album is rich with new maturity and sincerity that wasnt present on previous projects. by itself, its not necessarily better than their other albums, in my opinion, but it's self-realization is pumping life into this years relatively bland release cycle.

"this is why" gets a lot right. its sleek and stylish, owed mostly to its instrumentation, and has no shortage of songs just absolutely radiating power (this is why, running out of time, big man little dignity). and i ... read more

Rebecca Black - Let Her Burn
i dont think itd be an exaggeration to say that, so far, this was the album release ive been most looking forward to this year. i was fucking READY. i love rebecca black, i loved the singles, i loved her old ep, and i love this album... right?

i have some thoughts, to say the least. lets start with the good. "let her burn" is nothing if not consistent. the songs have near perfect flow and sonically could not be better when it comes to forming a satisfying big-picture project. its ... read more

Jessie Ware - Pearls
will jessie ware ever fail to impress?

pearls, the second single towards her fifth album, gives an explosive reintroduction to jessies new era. the song lives up to its name, with jessies smooth and glistening voice serving as the vessel for the rest of the track to swell inside your mind and surround you. its shiny, its euphoric, its all-consuming for every second it plays. i really dont think this song delivers a mood that can be coherently put into words. if you havent listened to it, you ... read more

i actually like a lot of cardi bs stuff post-iop but this is just awful. we didnt need a remix, ESPECIALLY not with cardi, AND EXTRA ESPECIALLY if she was gonna half ass the fuck out of her verse.
Björk - Vespertine
throwback to when bjork invented music
Caroline Polachek - Billions
she really put her whole polachussy into this song
Dove Cameron - Girl Like Me
how did we go from boyfriend, a track that even if its not great demonstrated massive potential, to this and bad idea...
Paramore - The News
anyone else get pinkpantheress vibes during the the "tuuuuuuurrrrrn off the news" part?
Caroline Polachek - Welcome To My Island
i mean its good ig but the only single thats stuck out to me so far is billions, im scared yall...

unlike sunset ill go into why this is just ok (imo), the production is very repetitive and i got kinda tired of it. carolines voice sounds spectacular and is arguably her best performance yet but the song doesnt feel hers. i could totally see this being a carly or sky ferreira track if im being honest and thats definitely a double edged sword. honestly i think what the singles need are some ... read more

Sega Bodega - Kepko
this is my voice one year on arca
Mad Tsai - homecoming!
the thing about mad tsai is i love his voice and honestly hes not a horrible songwriter, better than most tiktokers at least, but holy. shit. every. single. god. damn. song. has. the. WORST. MXING. OF. ALL. TIME. I GENUINELY CAN NOT MAKE OUT HALF THE WORDS THIS MAN IS SAYING. THIS IS LIKE THE ONLY PROJECT IVE GOTTEN THIS WORKED UP ABT THE MXING ON. LIKE JUST LISTEN TO KILLER QUEEN AND YOULL GET IT. anyways rant over.
Weyes Blood - And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow
i dont have any ideas for a funny opener, so lets just say weed. hahahahahaha weyes BUD. ok hilarious joke over this album fucked me up real good.

im gonna say what i feel like a lot of people dont for reviews on this album, and thats that if youre reading this, or just on this site at all in the last few years, you know who weyes blood is. i dont need to tell you. and i also dont want to spout out to you just facts about this album (ex. it sound good, make ears feel good, is sad). it deserves ... read more

Rebecca Black - Crumbs
rebecca black brings out her inner gaga on "crumbs", which is very possibly her best song. the songwriting of a dance pop mastermind and production of a hyperpop demon are the recipe for a good rebecca black song and thats followed to a point here. while this is for sure not new territory for her, this is obviously an advance of the style from "rebecca black was here" and its clear now rebecca black finally has an identity shes polished and is ready to show it off to the ... read more
Charlie Puth - CHARLIE
today, kids, we are reviewing dogshit. this dogshit reminds me quite a bit of dogshit. the way dogshit really conjures a feeling of dogshit is magical as ive never seen a dogshit this dogshitty before, truly impressive. would recommend if you enjoy dogshit, or possibly even dogshit. now if you excuse me, the sound of this dogshit made my dog shit on my floor. goodnight ;)
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