Enemy Radio - Loud Is Not Enough
Apr 3, 2020 (updated Apr 3, 2020)
So the 'firing' of Flavor Flav from Public Enemy in February turned out to be a hoax (“a hoax that ain’t no joke") cooked up by Chuck D to show and prove that only negativity gets publicity in the poisonous mass media landscape. He has a point: 33 years of Public Enemy and rarely any mainstream media attention for all the good P.E. has done, but headlines worldwide at the first apparent major negativity surrounding the group. The media attention coming with the revelation that the Flavor Flav controversy was a manufactured conflict was also meant to promote this project. Even if Flavor Flav is saying he wasn’t part of any hoax after Chuck D's revelation, it's obvious Public Enemy will keep on going strong, with a new album - with Flavor Flav - expected to drop in June.

Enemy Radio is in effect Public Enemy, minus Flavor Flav, plus Jahi. Oakland-based emcee Jahi is having a strong year, besides this project he released Future Forward, an excellent collaborative album with UK-based producer Configa. Jahi is an excellent emcee, and his voice is a welcome alternative for Chuck D's booming baritone. Loud Is Not Enough is a short project at 32 minutes, but it packs enough of a punch. The highest-profile song here is the single “Food Is A Machine Gun”, with an appearance of Flavor Flav who assists on the hook. Loud Is Not Enough is a solid presentation all the way through, even if there are no real stand-outs. What we get is exactly what we can expect from a Chuck D project - intelligent, meaningful, and thought-provoking lyrics, over some nice throwback instrumentals.

The Best Hip Hop Albums Of 2020: https://hiphopgoldenage.com/list/the-best-hip-hop-albums-of-2020/
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