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Hello, my name is Purple! 14, Male, Bisexual I mostly listen to hiphop I collect music CDs, I own about 400 of them (I’ll eventually put my collection into library) I rate things very highly, I’m easy to please 300 follower special tomorrow ;3 Best Mutuals: UltimateLifeFrm, ZachTheOddBall, ZironReviews, Bowiehello, ImpalaLT, Brando, LonelyHipHopFan, Rollo_P, AllAboutMusic, DREscapePlan, itscarcrasher, Jc9ers, DantorGD, TherynsReviews Thanks for everything! I love you all! :3 <3 💙💜❤️
THANK YOU ALL FOR 500 FOLLOWERS!! I LOVE YOU ALL SMOOCH SMOOCH!!!!! 💋💋 The guy who rated Donda higher than 95% of everyone’s favorite albums *MOST SCORES ARE FIRST LISTENS* Thanks to Tristan for being my first follower! :) singles acc: 0-39: awful 40-49: bad 50-59: meh 60-69: decent 70-79: good 80-89: great 90-94: amazing 95-100: masterpiece
Otis Cohan Mone
19, he/him I love everything that everybody else loves and I hate everything that everybody else hates. Or vice versa. Library - CD collection. Rating scale: 0 - shit from tiktok etc. (just hate it all) 10 - DISGUSTANG 20 - Just awful 30 - Ugh, bad 40 - Nah, not good 50 - Um, whatever 60 - Welp, okay 70 - Oh, nice 80 - Wow, awesome! 90 - Big cup of tea with 4 tsp. of sugar 100 - my funeral soundtrack / personal essentials / extraterrestrial experiences P.S. alicore is my idol
I'm a music listener, maker, and lover (he/him/21) // nico ♡#6019 Every 100 followers = perfect album review (96+) My latest album :) 96-100: Varying Degrees of Perfect 90-95: Incredible 80-89: Great 70-79: Good 60-69: Alright 40-59: Average 30-39: Bad 20-29: Horrible 10-19: Actually Insulting 0-10: Should've Never Been Made i don't believe in 99s Don't expect many albums rated low; I'm easy to please with music <3
<<A Chilean nerd that's obsessed with the punk movement.>> ° Pink Floyd sucker. ° Death Grips' bitch. ° BradTaste stan. <<MY SCORES>> My feelings are based on the visible light spectrum. [Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Violet] BUT: -A 9 for me is a seamless listen. No skips, no weird moments, no frowned eyebrows. -My 10s are albums that changed my life forever. It's almost impossible for me to give a 10 because it has to be deeply personal to me.
Hey. I’m Ziron. I’m a unfunny Romanian pre-teen who listens to way too much rage music for his own good. The only semi-interesting things about me are that I like Tiramisu and I’m downbad as all hell for Ken Carson and Raven from Teen Titans. I also listen to NO STYLIST a little too much. My reviews range between sarcastic and serious, either way they’re still cringe. "And even though I ain't got one, do this shit for my daughter 💞"
18 he/him| i hate listening to music it is my least favourite thing to do >:( | respectfully, follow me if u have a cat pfp :3 | if i like it then its good
Remi's Reviews
2nd most hated AOTY user if you're gonna be an insulting toxic piece of shit for no reason, ur getting blocked, I don't need any more negative toxic energy. Stop being so overly sensitive, don't turn this site into twitter Tag me by @RemisReviews YT link in bio Working on a metal & ambient album atm. Fav genres: ambient, alternative metal, slowcore, metalcore, psychedelic rock Fav bands: Deftones, Radiohead, Breaking Benjamin, Alcest Fav artists: C418, Aphex Twin, Michael Jackson
What is a genre?
ROOFTOP OUT NOW any pronouns // 19 // sucker for a good instrumental // library is vinyl/cds ig: @nathanaskenazi discord: nathanasten#2561
So long everyone, and thanks for the fishes ♥️♥️♥️ Final review is in the works. yall just don't understand how awesome it is to destroy pussy in the tempo of 310: ΩΣPx0(2^18×5^18)p*k*k*k fish of heaven connoisseur 18 [equal to 7 + 12, btw] He/him [Weakest Michigander] Homelessness survivor "none of us would be here without cum" [cum lives matter] economic sciences major [future high school janitor] I love bear football /\/\/\ library is my discography Discord 🤖🤖🤖 ozymvndias#9135
Hey there, I’m Impala, the one who left town. I’m an autistic 17 year old bi dude from the depths of the hell that is Florida, where I’m no longer in. I’m super dedicated to music and my friends. I even make my own music. I won’t always respond due to school, but when I do, you’re gonna be happy I did. I’m happy with being an oddball. “Don’t worry, you and me won’t be alone no more”
ele/dele. 04' line. algumas reviews sobre o que eu to afim. não costumo avaliar singles, mas quando acho que são muito bons ou interessantes, eu tento falar sobre. a maioria das reviews são pops ou k-pops. - meu last não está funcionando 100%, não sei o motivo. -
Woah. Reviewing stuff. I'll try to express my humble opinion on every "genre" of music. Rating the best and the worst. Sometimes I disappear from the site. Currently updating and expanding the Italian catalogue of the site. Also getting into drumming, apparently.
i rate albums on enjoyment, normally giving things much higher scores than i really should he/him all of this is my opinion 😭😭😭
Yer, I'm (Re)View. I like to listen to and rate music, I think? I also rate every genre of music but my favorite genres are hip-hop, rap, and rnb, My rating scale 10➱Chef d'oeuvre/My personal favorites. 9➱ Closest albums to perfection. 8➱Extremely good, with little to no flaws. 7➱Great piece of art. 6➱Slightly above mediocre. 5➱Middle-of-the-road piece of work. 4-3➱Undenyingly bad. 2-0➱A mockery to music, should be considered illegal to listen to in every country.
:P library = planning on listening feel free to suggest albums in my shoutbox :P
Hungarian 20 year old who is (mostly) a hip hop fan. Semi-closeted gay boy. He/him Discography deep dives I will do in the future: Jay-Z (done) LCD Soundsystem (done) Gorillaz (done) The Beatles (done) OutKast Open to discography suggestions, because I'm out of ideas, even though I've only done like seven deep dives. I made a Discord account: LonelyHipHopFan#8694
Hey, I’m Visbi. Thank you for visiting my profile! I love Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop, so feel free to leave suggestions in my shoutbox. I view my profile as a personal portfolio of music that I like/dislike. I hope that I can help you find at least one good album. Library is CD/Vinyl/Digital
Je m'appelle Doofy, gargoyle for hire, how do you do? Only rating my current top 100 albums for each year (plus 20 noteworthy albums that I rated under 50/100 for each year). %%%%Specific Percentage Specials%%%% 69% art lover / 49% sacred cow / 2% WAOTY / 1% RBF / 0% MA Have fun with it.
23. Idiot. Found on Twitter and the AOTY Discord. Favorite Albums are my top 5 of 2022. Please don’t advertise in my shoutbox. Best Songs of 2023: (
[REST] Псори фIыуэ зэфIэкIащ, пэжкъэ? Система оценивания — 10-бальная шкала по следующим критериям: - мелодия; - аранжировка; - качество; - потенциал на следующие релизы (потенциал в "то время", если касается классик альбомов); - талант; - вокал; - процент на заходимость (проверка временем, если касается классик альбомов); - обложка; - общее впечатление; - продакшен.


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