Yes king! Give us nothing!!

After almost three whole years, Cordae finally gives us a new album... that isn't all that interesting. My fellow reviewer @Rollo_P put it best, "He just doesn't do anything that you've never heard before unless you're 13 and this is your 4th rap album." I don't think I could ever describe this album better. See, I actually really enjoyed The Lost Boy. It was a very consistent album with sticky hooks and captivating flows. So basically take that album, suck all the life out of it, then you have yourself From a Bird's Eye View.

Cordae seems to stick to the same boring flow on this album, barely even switching it up. Sure, it is pretty good at first but after awhile it just gets dull. The same can be said with his lyrics and instrumentals. Everything here is just so passable that it gets tiresome. Especially the lyrical side of this album, who let Cordae spit some of the corny shit he says?

Some terrible lines off this album:
"I got as deep as I can and make her shake like tourettes"
"In terms of getting head I was the head of my classes"
"Got this dime piece suckin' on my cucumber"

It might sound like I despise this album but I am just really disappointed that after three years we practically get nothing. I actually enjoy a few songs on this album, but there isn't really much to say about those tracks. The songs I like sound like standard rap songs done really well, that's it. This album doesn't really have any bite. The only song I will probably be replaying is 'Momma's Hood' (y'all are sleeping heavy on that song btw). I still think Cordae is very talented and has the potential to keep growing. It's just a surprise that he promoted this album like it was a masterpiece, when it wasn't even close to his debut in quality.

Best Tracks: Jean-Michel, Super, Momma's Hood*, Westlake High
Worst Track: Chronicles

Track Ratings
2Jean-Michel / 75
3Super / 75
4Momma’s Hood / 80
5Want From Me / 55
6Today / 55
8C Carter / 60
9Sinister / 50
10Chronicles / 40
11Champagne Glasses / 65
12Westlake High / 70
6d ago
For me its gonna take more listens for me to get my true opinions on it but I like alot so far
6d ago
I see your point but if you give From a Birds Eye View 57 how can DS4EVER be a 70?
5d ago
@Dexterity This could be a new concept for you but maybe, just MAYBE, music taste is subjective and he enjoys it more?
5d ago
@Hom1803 I should have developed more in my first comment but to make it short, what he reproaches to the album is the fact that several instrumentals and flows are dull and boring which is understandable but these are the same flaws that there is largely in the album of Gunna. It's more in that sense that I made my remark. Otherwise, yes, music is subjective, of course, it goes without saying.
5d ago
@Dexterity I for sure see your point! I think (for me) Gunna had interesting enough flows on DS4 that I would say I liked his performance on the album. I also liked a majority of the beats on DS4, some had bland trap drums but others had this trippy flare to them. The Gunna album is more of him having fun while this album is Cordae attempting to make a "masterpiece" and he just falls flat with making anything creative for me.
4d ago
@Dexterity ah fair enough I can see where you're coming from now. I actually do agree that the Cordae album is a lot more interesting than DS4
4d ago
Gunna wipes Cordae and Radiohead
4d ago
@JeremiahMurphy try not to bring up Radiohead hate in a single conversation challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)
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