hiphophead26 -
It’s alright but I feel like Durk and Von are the only good rappers in the OTF collective.
hiphophead26 -
It's great. Some of the features ruin the vibe but Smokepurpp and Lil Yachty were fire. The production is hard as all hell with Pump's ignorant rapping and intoxicating flows keeping this album feeling fresh, even 3 years later.
hiphophead26 -
Youngboy drops yet again, another song. What a surprise. The hook is so fucking terrible😭
hiphophead26 -
Last time. There's fire, trash, and a whole lotta filler.
hiphophead26 -
I’ve heard his EP from last year and wasn’t impressed with much but this is a big step above his previous work. “Like This” reads like a standard trap song but Marshmello’s production fits 2KBaby’s singing almost perfectly on this track.
hiphophead26 -
Prety standard Pop track, that being said it’s pretty good.
hiphophead26 -
One word. Basic.
hiphophead26 -
Polo G's huge sophomore album, "The GOAT" is pretty one-note sonically, but gets it's point across.

The album really falls apart in the second half sound wise. Every song sounds the exact same after "21", and it becomes more of a snooze fest mixtape than a put-together album. There's tracks like "No Matter What", "DND", "33", and "Be Something" that just don't do anything for me at all. These tracks along with a couple others are ... read more
hiphophead26 -
I really like how Mario’s voice collides with this boom bap like beat.
hiphophead26 -
Wait what the fuck why is this song actually good outside of the first two short verses which were plain shit? The hook is catchy, I like the vocal layering and the production actually is pretty damn good. Blackbear's part was like 10 seconds but he added some life to the song. Guilty pleasure? Maybe, but still this way better than anything he's ever made, even to this day.
hiphophead26 -
Lmao why is this better than like half the songs on "Tattletales"? The bridge is genuinely good I don't care what anyone says. The song as a whole is still bad but at least the production is hard.
hiphophead26 -
As I wait for a good trap album to be released in 2021, I'm bout take a trip down memory lane with this motherfucker. I genuinely feel bad for this kid, the amount of hate this song got is unreal, you really couldn't go anywhere without hearing about this song. People claiming it's the worst song ever made and probably made this kid feel like a menace to society when he did nothing wrong.

Is the song good? Absolutely not. It's not unlistenable and there's definitely worse but its still ... read more
hiphophead26 -
Bobby Shmurda is set to be released within the next week. His debut EP from way back in 2014 is a tight collection of bangers.

It starts with "Worldwide Nigga", which is a really nice intro song and as a standalone song it's pretty good. "Hot Nigga" and "Bobby Bitch" don't really need an introduction, they're classics. Rowdy Rebel shows up to kill his verse on "Living Life", and the outro "Wipe the Case Away" has some singing that could be ... read more
hiphophead26 -
Lil Zay Osama reminds of everything an upcoming rapper shouldn't be. Unoriginal.

I don't really know much about this guy but after listening to this record I can safely say I don't really care to know much more. Osama's voice is pretty whiny similar to his contemporaries like Lil Tjay, who happens to show up for a lazy verse on "Emotions". The difference is that Tjay has established a sound and uses his unlikely voice to his advantage, while Lil Zay Osama sounds amateur, letting the ... read more
hiphophead26 -
I mean shit this is fire, way better than anything off his last...thing.
hiphophead26 -
I mean it's not as bad as anything off his last record, but it doesn't do much outside of the hook being alright. Also the album is now pre-release on Apple Music, and what the fuck is this cover.
hiphophead26 -
Expecting more from two artists who can clearly sing. Just kinda void.
hiphophead26 -
Everyone did their thing, I actually liked Mulatto's verse the most.
hiphophead26 -
Kodak carried surprisingly, still not good. Doesn't excuse Yachty from being absolutely horrid with a terrible flow, no bars, and this beat is some hot shit.
hiphophead26 -
I'll start this off with I never thought I'd give a 0 to an album, let alone an album by someone I always find a way to have faith in. I grew up listening to Trippie Redd, he has always been on my radar and I have enjoyed so many tracks from him from 2017-2019. His mixtapes as well his "Life's A Trip" album have provided some amazing songs and it seemed like Trippie was gearing up for the big leagues. Or so I hoped.

This album. First the production is the most uninspired, copy paste, ... read more
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