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 - Hey What
Hell yeeeeah it's a 100/100!
As the black and white album cover suggests, this album is full of contrasts. Harsh and distorted, yet beautiful. Experimental, yet catchy. Full of uncertainty and dread, yet strangely comforting.
What I admire the most here is the creative spirit that went into this record. If you read some interviews with the duo, you'll hear them talk about taking something as commonplace in music as the guitar and trying to get fresh and unfamiliar sounds out of it. And yeah, if ... read more

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 - Too Much to Ask
"Life hands you problems/Make problemade"
So look this is a very goofy record, and there's always a challenge in that regard whether you'll still find the lyrics entertaining on a repeated listening. I think this album mostly manages that fine. In terms of the semi spoken word vocals, I really like the singer's charisma, and the instrumental is nice and chill too.
Rina Sawayama's debut LP is the full package of what a great pop album should be. For one thing it's full of bangers, for example the start of the record is insanely strong, Dynasty and XS being two of her best, most catchy tracks. There's no weak song over the rest of the tracklist either. Also, the lyrics are great, often talking about Rina's experience as a woman of Japanese descent living in the west. The messages are empowering, Chosen Family is a very moving one for instance. I have to ... read more
In anticipation of Rina's second full length release, Hold the Girl, I've decided to revisit her previous work. This 2017 EP is as good as I remembered it being, if not better. It's both forward thinking, while also taking heavy inspiration from the past (the 2000s). Every track sounds fresh and colorful, and the interludes are cool too. Personally my favorite on here is Take Me As I Am, love the melody and the general energy of that song. RINA honestly feels like a full LP, and it's a great ... read more
 - Heaven or Las Vegas
understanding lyrics is overrated
 - Florist
Florist's self-titled is a very pretty ambient folk album. If I were to describe the sound in one word I'd say peaceful. I see what they were going for with all the interlude tracks, but ultimately I did find the album quite meandering. Otherwise though, the vocals are gorgeous, the production is immersive, and the lyrics, which speak straight to the feelings, are nice too. Listening to this outside enhances the experience as well.


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