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Easily, one of the most important documents in the history of postmodernist music. It is very hard to understand just how far Schaeffer's influence reaches nowadays: the French music theorist's developments in the late '40s are the foundations of everything musique concrète and proto-electronic—and therefore—most electronic music nowadays possibly stems from these very compositions. Not as interesting by itself, except for a few very remarkable pieces (specifically: ... read more
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Highly prolific avant-garde artist J. O'Rourke is considered one of the most important underground artists in modern history. Often being compared to Brian Eno for his massive, eclectic discography loaded to the brim with remarkable collaborations alongside many cult-favorite artists from around the world, including C. Fennesz and Keiji Haino among many others, his work is very appropriately seen as essential for anyone that is at all interested in music that is anywhere below surface-level. ... read more
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Léo Ferré's highly poetic, opinionated and complex 1973 masterpiece, «Il n'y a plus rien», stands as not only the great artist and poet's landmark record, but also as one of the most influential french albums of all time. Coming in at an important time in Ferré's career where he would start conducting orchestras, and at a time in his personal life after he left his then wife Madelaine Rabeleau, the profoundly intricate 45-minute opus consists of six exceptional ... read more
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CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: Harsh Noise Wall

A lot of music—be it heavy music like grindcore, harsh noise, heavy metal or calmer music like contemporary classical, drone or musique concrète—tries to scare or make its listeners uneasy by poking at horror imagery, crazy lyrics or just by pushing its music to the next level in its own respective manner. While sometimes, the result may be thrilling and hellish (e.g. Merzbow's Venereology, Ligeti's Requiem), more often than not, ... read more
Jan 10, 2021
hi (h*bbo btw) ik it's been like straight up a year since we've talked but i wanna remind u ur a great writer and i hope ur doing well. love you hunk fuck
Dec 28, 2020
Try some Edu Lobo, Dorival Caymmi, Erasmo Carlos, Elis Regina, Quarteto Novo... the list goes on and on.
Dec 26, 2020
For someone that seems to love Iannis Xenakis (having multiple high scores for some of his works), I noticed that your 'Metastasis; Pithoprakta; Eonta' rating (5.5/10) is rather low for someone, who I assume, loves Xenakis' work. Why is that? I know you've probably gotten questions like this before of "Why is this album so low" or "Explanation... NOW", something in the lines of that (or maybe I'm really wrong and you haven't gotten a question like this in a while/ever). I'm just really interested in hearing your thoughts on this.
Dec 10, 2020
Kenny ends his general introduction with: "The audience I have in mind is at the level of second- or third year undergraduate study. I realize, however, that many of those interested in the history of philosophy may themselves be enrolled in courses that are not primarily philosophical. Accordingly I have done my best not to assume a familiarity with contemporary philosophical techniques or terminology. I hope also to have written in a manner clear and light-hearted enough for the book to be enjoyed by those who read it not for curricular purposes but for their own information and entertainment."
Dec 10, 2020
Hi! Saw that EMR recommended Bertrand Russell's book to get into western philosophy. I haven't read it myself, but I would like to also throw out Anthony Kenny's 'A New History of Western Philosophy'. I'm reading it now and finding a great introductory guide. According to some reviews of people who have read both, Russell's book comes off at times as more of a dialogue between a contemporary western philosopher and the people who came before, while the book I'm reading myself finds the perfect balance between placing philosophy in history, but also giving a good overview of what drove philosophy in a given period. Ultimately, it's up to you which you read - and once more, I haven't read the former myself - but it might be worth checking out the other and making a choice from there.
Dec 8, 2020
Kant is hailed as the forefather of modern philosophy, so, if you wish to save some time and just pick one name to open the way for newer branches, i'd stick with reading "Critique of Practical Reason", and then moving ahead on the timeline.
Dec 8, 2020
I've stated it to other users in AOTY before, but the thing with philosophy, at least to my eyes, is that one should have at least some knowledge of earlier branches before going on to more contemporary, modern lines of thought, since one is almost always a direct product of what came before. It might be a laborious task, but if you really wish to tackle the whole of western philosophy, Bertrand Russel's "A History of Western Philosophy" might be a great choice to get a good overlook on the overall state of each period, and from there on, picking on the specific lines that you wish to dive deeper into could be not only easier, but far more interesting and productive as well. Naturally, it is a time consuming effort and is definitely not a rule, but its the method I find most effective and comprehensive overall.
Dec 8, 2020
Hey, there. Tough question to answer, since modern philosophy is pretty much spread across the many aspects of human activity, knowledge, behavior. Considering the unending repertoire available on this branch and the variability of themes it touch upon, a more specific recommendation should be focused on one's own topic of interest. Existentialism? Try Kierkegaard, and then Nietzche, and then Camus and Sartre. Skepticism? Schopenhauer or Cioran. Critical theory? Habermas, Bergson, and then moving on to more axiological and fractured aspects with post-structuralists like Foucault, Derrida and Deleuze. The last ones are some personal favorites, but each develops upon a myriad of themes themselves, with cultural/sociological traits prevailing on Deleuze/Guattari, while linguistic studies are Derrida's specialty, so it really depends on what theme one personally wishes to focus upon. Contemporaries of interest are Chul-Han, Badiou and others that expand on post-structuralist critic theory.
Nov 26, 2020
yung lean stays muthaphuckin freaky
Nov 19, 2020
hi buddy! oh yesss I want to be part of that list. It sounds very promising and cool ;) just tell me how can I add some albums to the list
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50 releases that shape the sound of music coming from my amazing nation. Typically French-Canadian stuff, but also trying to feature everything that's from here. Only featuring one album per artist, ...
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