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Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Feb 24, 2019
I originally made a semi-meme review for this with like 3 words, but this is an amazing album and it deserves so much better. I'm therefore going to write a full-length review on this.

I want to mention that to me, this is the best Pink Floyd album and that nothing else even comes close to this. Not even meddle, which is another 100 score for me. This is one of my favorite albums of all time.

This album starts off with a grandiose side A with Atom Heart Mother Suite. This almost 24-minute masterpiece of music is a piece that I could not live without. Fitting an immense psychedelic orchestra in a progressive rock album is something very cocky that no band has ever done nor will ever do besides them and that I absolutely love it. If you believe all of Pink Floyd's music is unoriginal, then listen to this. This is one song that can easily bring me to another dimension and it deserves a lot more recognition.

When you're done listening to that amazing orchestral piece that is the side A of this record, you are greeted with three songs: "If", "Summer '68" and "Fat Old Sun".
Those three pieces show the musical genius and distinctive personalities of each Pink Floyd songwriter, as each song is pretty much a solo work from them.
"If" is, in my opinion, Roger Waters' best song. We can see his true lyrical and musical genius in this song. Say whatever you want about Waters, but he's very talented at telling stories with lyrics, and this song shows it.

Next, "Summer '68", which is Richard Wright's song, who is the genius who partially wrote some of Pink Floyd's most classic songs. However, Wright rarely worked on writing a song alone, and this is the proof that he was an amazing songwriter. Summer '68 is one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs, because it just screams the joy present in the late 60's. He was able to implement the vibe of a "summer of 1968" so well and I believe that Wright should've written as many Pink Floyd songs alone as Waters and Gilmour did because he was as talented as both of them are.

After this is Gilmour's solo song, Fat Old Sun. This song expectedly just screams David Gilmour, and I love it. It's very catchy just like the 2 other songs heard before. What's very impressive, to me, is that he played every single instrument by himself in this song. David Gilmour gets a lot of hate for pushing Pink Floyd as easy money and people seem to forget how great of a musician and songwriter he truly was.

Those three songs mean a lot to me and to Pink Floyd, because it truly shows the distinctive personalities that wrote classics such as Meddle and Dark Side of the Moon.

After this song, you will hear a 10 minute song called "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast". The title couldn't describe better what this song is about; it's just 10 minutes of a breakfast, but done in psychedelic rock. It's absolutely genius.

This album does not feel poorly made. This album has great transitions thoroughly. I can not find a single thing to complain about for this record. It's just an exceptional record that shows the genius of Pink Floyd.

If you have listened to this album before but didn't enjoy it, I urge you to try re-listening to it with a more open mind. This is an exceptional album that absolutely everyone deserves and needs to hear and appreciate in their life.

TL;DR: This is the best Pink Floyd album. Listen to it now.
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Feb 24, 2019
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