AOTY 2023
TWICE - Celebrate
Super close to a perfect LP that feels like an organic extension of the stellar work on Formula Of Love. Some of the most surprising moments in Twice's career so far pop up here. We've got some of the absolute best b-sides of Twice's stellar career here, specifically That's All I'm Saying and Bittersweet. Celebrate, while fine and by no means a full Miss, feels a bit too generic at turns, and Voices of Delight is a baffling number that could easily color the rest of one's listen should they ... read more
I'm sorta back. This was solid. Excellent. Not perfect, but close. Between has some of Twice's best B-Sides but also suffers from some moments which, while sentimental and far from awful, don't stand up to the maturity and perfection found elsewhere on this admittedly long mini album. Brave lacks a strong hook to carry it over the line of merely fine, and Queen of Hearts has a pop punk charm a la Ponytail but ultimately feels like something that the band has aged out of.
Still, for the uneven ... read more
Incredibly solid solo debut that has me very optimistic about the future activities of the greatest band on the planet, TWICE.
BTS - Proof
The problem with bts has always been how overlong their albums are and the weird attempts to span genre gaps within the kpop module. A three disc retrospective only further highlights this issue.
OH MY GIRL - Real Love
Oh My Girl>Swans
I don't make the rules
But I do enforce them
Weeekly - Play Game : AWAKE
A step back almost as frustrating as ITZYs mafia or LOONA's PTT.
Their tragectory of innocent Oh My Girl/Early Twice color pop felt so confident and refreshing that this change is as baffling as LOONA's. Here's hoping they reroute.
Not kidding here but this has been a balm for my frayed psyche. The west doesn't make soft pop like this these days. With only one song feeling close to anthemic, that kind of crescendo arc feels earned. Otherwise it's smooth and soft and content to exist in its own space at its own pace and terms. Softly is exquisite.
As I crash into a new and awful job that I already want to quit, this record has been one of the only things that's helped me mellow out. Blessed for it.
Boris - W
Honestly, in time, I think could be viewed as something incredibly special.
Fontaines D.C. - Skinty Fia
Depeche Mode - Exciter
Oddly fresh sounding looking back. Crisp as hell and really pretty in an admittedly melancholic way.
A weird glitching memory of a graveyard at dusk after a summer rain, faint remains of the storm lingering on the horizon.
AOTY already here
Aerosmith - Rocks
It's maybe the best "hard rock" album ever. Title tracks. It's hard rock. And also cocaine.
Aerosmith - Just Push Play
I think most of you are........
My insights yield nothing to you, casual reader. But G Idle has given me strength.
Destroyer - Tintoretto, It's for You
Maybe the most sane voice in an insane world.
(G)I-DLE - I Trust
A commanding statement of creative control. Horny and vulnerable for kpop. Soyeon is, again, the future.
(G)I-DLE - I burn
I was wrong about G Idle
Soyeon is the future
Tank is fine but O.O is a massive miss. Didn't realize jype could miss this hard.
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On Spoon - Lucifer on the Sofa
"Noted I'll certainly consider it. Ty"
On Kanye West - Donda
"Lmao fair Look I like some problematic or bad stuff too But fair"
On dearsongs's review of Kanye West - Donda
"lol fair anyway, The point is I think you raised a very correct and valid point about comparing him to america on the whole, albeit in a different way lmao."
On dearsongs's review of Kanye West - Donda
"Oh I dont mind the boastful side. I'm not disregarding that part of the genre at all. Don't mistake that. My bent on the capitalism of Kanye is that, in presenting religiously, it feels far less sincere. Furthermore, he's boasted about prosperity theologists and mega church evangelicals in the past. His whole likely mega expensive spectacle and his infamously expensive merch. All while getting patted on the back by other right wing christians (the same ones who likely hate me for being queer). To that end, the marriage of his new christian schtick and then bringing Da baby on after his comments makes me even more distrustful. Again, they can boast and that doesn't rub me raw or wrong. And I don't even think it's Kanye boasting about Cash married to the christian thing. It's the vapid theology married to his expensive productions and merch. It lacks any kind of real humility, is what I'm saying. Obviously I dont want everyone to be destitute. Gotta make a living."
On dearsongs's review of Kanye West - Donda
"See I think that's where I went from kind of passively recognizing his talents but not getting into it, to outright disliking him. I am, despite being a progressive one, a christian. I cherish good christian music. Johnny Cash. Talk Talk. Jeremy Enigk. John Coltrane. Low. I love it when religious artists work faith into their music in interesting ways. West posturing with faith feels self serving in all ways and that's kind of abhorrent religiously speaking. I can forgive the man, as he obviously has a lot of problems and nobody in his circle seems inclined to help him, but i can't forgive the music. Religiously, it's doomed. Ugly. Superficial. Worst of all, it's Cynical. But the more I think about it, I totally agree he's very much America, but at the end of the day, I also hate being an American."
On dearsongs's review of Kanye West - Donda
"I think he's fairly similar to america but in different ways: Vacant, Self Entitled, Boring, Narcissistic, Deeply capitalist while hypocritically toting "christian" virtues without regard to actual scripture, so yeah, you're right, he's Super American."
On DoubleZ's review of Tim Buckley - Goodbye and Hello
"Glad to see this getting attention. Buckley's work is as every bit essentially "Summer" as the Beach Boys are to me (and the beach boys are my favorite band). No other singer has invoked the word Hobo so much and to such great effect."
On Doofy's review of Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg
"Gotcha. I've yet to listen but eventually will considering the attention it's getting. But i get what you're saying."
On Doofy's review of Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg
"Kim Gordon + Baxter Dury sounds like it would own? Like i'm here for that?"

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