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HoodieBraden -
As some of you may not know, The Doors are my favorite band of all-time. Along with their debut record being my favorite album of all-time, and the single "Light My Fire" being my favorite song of all-time. So yea, I guess it's safe to say I'm a little obsessed with the ominous band from Venice. Now, I've pretty much had a sorry-a** review of this record up for months now and I think it's time to give this masterpiece a well-deserved full write-up. After all, my favorite album ... read more

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HoodieBraden -
What I hear when I listen to this record is a small band that is still trying to find its footing in the world of punk rock. However, that case is very unlikely because this group has apparently been around for five years (???). Nearly five years and three albums later, and The Dirty Nil still sound like a PUP-ripoff band. F*ck Art has its very, very faint highlights, however, there is very little substance here that particularly interests and/or entertains me. I do like the cover ... read more
HoodieBraden -
I really don't know what so many people see in this guy. He's just another painfully average and derivative country artist that the last decade provided more than enough of. His sound isn't original or "fresh" (as many publications claim), and his songwriting is PAINFULLY cliche to that of mainstream country. However, despite the glaring mediocrity of every track, the final nail in the coffin for this particular album is its behemoth length. In my opinion, there is only one country ... read more
HoodieBraden -
With the release of Denver's eponymous album in early 1979, the old John Denver had passed and given way to the new John Denver. This new era is one that emits little creativity and produces dud after dud on his records. This album is the first of many to come that falls under this category. It produced no hits or fan-favorite songs, and instead served as a harsh wake-up call that the glorious days of Country Roads and Rocky Mountains were over.

Light 4/10
HoodieBraden -
Back Home Again is one of Denver's last releases while in his prime. It's not a perfect record by any means ("Grandma's Feather Bed" is very corny and "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" gets a little tiresome after a while), however, this is absolutely an essential piece of Denver's discography. I would even say that it's in his top 3 best releases. It slows down a bit in the second half, but Side A is strong enough to carry the entire project into "GOOD" territory. ... read more
HoodieBraden -
Farewell Andromeda is quite the disappointing follow-up to the excellent Rocky Mountain High. While it does include a couple of decent songs, the majority of tracks are a little less than decent. As a whole, this record is largely forgettable in the grand scheme of Denver's discography. It serves as an awkward wedge between two great albums: Rocky Mountain High and Back Home Again.

Light 6/10
Jan 16, 2021
Hello there! What is an album that you've given a 100 score, and why so?

Simple explanations are fine enough, but detailed reasoning is of course welcome. If you have multiple 100s, then just pick one of them as your answer. It's for a list by the way. Thanks in advance, and have a great day!
Jan 9, 2021
Hello, I hope you're having a good day. I am reaching out in regards to my next AOTY Icon Interview. If you're unfamiliar with the series I crowdsource for questions. This time around for January 2021 edition, I will be interviewing PipePanic. The question is, what is a music-related question you can ask Pipe. Please refrain from asking questions as simple as "What is your favorite album?" Please also refrain from asking for thoughts about a specific album or asking joke questions. I ask that you ask something thought-provoking and ambiguous. I will be selecting the best questions to ask Pipe. If you can't think of any questions, you have a week to think about it. I also recommend checking my shoutbox before asking the question just to verify it hasn't been asked already. All participants will be credited for their questions. The interview will be posted by the end of the month. Thank you!
Jan 4, 2021
Hello friend, I hope you're having a great day! If you have any interest in participating in a list I'm making, here's the prompt:

Aliens have come down from a previously unknown planet, and touch down right in front of your house. You come outside, and they speak English somehow, but they ask you for one thing- to give them a human album. You have an MP3 player, but it only can hold one album of any length. You can give the aliens any album for any reason, but please explain why you chose the album you chose.

Thank you for answering (if you do), and have a great day!
Dec 31, 2020
Thank you so much for responding! The list is out now if you want to check it out:

Have a great night/day, and happy new years! <3
Dec 31, 2020
Thanks for the response! You've been added
Dec 30, 2020
2020 has been a huge roadblock, a year that a lot of people would want to forget. Filled with hardships and pain. As this year is coming to a close, I wanted to ask a question for a list. What song would you listen to, to end the year off entirely? It can either be a send-off song, or a song that you would listen to in high hopes for 2021. Hope I'm not bothering, and if you respond, thanks for the help!
Dec 30, 2020
Hey, what's your favourite Radiohead song? (For a list)
Dec 29, 2020
thanks for the response, your pick has been added! Here's the list if you wanna see it:
Dec 28, 2020
hey! if you could sum up your favorite album in one word, what would it be? (this is for a list btw)
I'm just a guy who finds joy in discovering new music and expressing my opinions on it.
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