Coldplay - Everyday Life
Nov 22, 2019
Ok, I must say this before I start the review: I had completely forgotten about this album and had no idea it was supposed to release today. Oh well, I wasn't really planning on reviewing much today anyway but here I am. So, incredibly successful and popular British rock pop band, Coldplay, is BACK with another album. It's the band's eighth album in almost twenty years! Wow. I would be lying if I said I was merely excited for this release though. I haven't truly enjoyed a Coldplay album since Mylo Xyloto in 2011, and even that had it's lows. But we are now granted another release from the band to listen to and give our opinions on.

I thought it was pretty good. That would sum up my initial thoughts of it. It's far from a perfect album, but it has its enjoyable moments. This is by far Coldplay's most eccentric and stand-out work yet. It's rather bold for them to head in this new 'art pop' direction considering that the non-mainstream appeal is present with many of these tracks. But it is very refreshing and satisfying to see Martin and the band ditch their traditional rock pop sound to explore and experiment with all the different genres present on Everyday Life.

It's no secret that Everyday Life is also Coldplay's most musically diverse work. Multiple different styles, cultures, and styles are represented on this album. And surprisingly, they are able to incorporate these different genres into a whole quite well. Something that, let's say, 2014 Coldplay could not do so well. Apparently, non-gospel artists dipping their toes into gospel experimentation is a trend that's starting to catch on in 2019. First with Kanye West's Jesus Is King, and now with Coldplay's Everyday Life. The gospel influence is very strong on the track "BrokEn" specifically. Not to mention that the second track of the album is conveniently titled "Church."

I must say that I rather enjoyed the splitting of the album into a double-album. Especially the way that the first half is titled "Sunrise", which leads to the second half, "Sunset." Releasing a double-album 19 years into their career is a very risky game for Cold to play....see what I did there? It had a very high possibility of flopping, as most people today are comfortable in writing off the band's new releases as below-average and boring. However, those who are typical of that should really give Everyday Life a chance. We all need to recognize that Coldplay is trying to branch out from their "safe" sound and give us new music that is much different than anything they have done before. I think Chris finally realized that we were all sick of their usual sound, and decided to try something new, and I appreciate him and the band for doing so.

When it comes to stand out tracks, I can't really pick any out that I loved or thought more of than the others. I suppose that "Orphans" was a nice song, as well as "Cry Cry Cry" with it's almost doo-wop style. Yea that's right, THE Coldplay making doo-wop songs in 2019...who would've THUNK??? I would be lying if I said I didn't chuckle a little bit when I saw that one song was titled "Daddy." Yea I know, I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old.

So to wrap up, I will say something that I haven't said in a long, long time: I enjoyed this Coldplay album. I really did though. I truly appreciate the band reaching out to new sources of inspiration, and then using that to create some tunes that we've never seen from them before. I always knew they were capable of making an album like this. I just didn't know it would take them this long to do so. The production was pretty good, same with the lyricism. The full concept of the album was very interesting as well. It was simply the concept of Everyday Life, except not just life today in our country, but rather life throughout history and around the world. Everyday Life was a fresh of breath of air for Coldplay fans and rock fans alike. A breath from the washed up pop sound that they have stuck to for the last decade or so (pretty much since Viva La Vida). This album generally came as a pleasant surprise to me, as I was not expecting a project of this caliber. I just hope this gets the credit it deserves from fans and critics. It seems to be already, which is very pleasing to see.

Oh before I press "post", I want to visit one more point. Everyday Life is a double-album, and while not being a lengthy double-album (only 16 tracks for 54 minutes), it is still split into two parts. I have already mentioned that releasing a double-album (no matter who you are) is a very risky move. How many truly great double albums have there been over the years of popular music? Not many, not many at all. Possibly the best double-album in history is The Beatles' "White Album" from 1968. Interestingly enough, that masterpiece was originally released on November 22, 1968. And what day is today? Today is November 22, exactly 51 years later. It's rather interesting that these two double-albums share the same birthday.
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Nov 23, 2019
Great write-up! Interesting to hear that this coincidentally shares the same birthday as Beatles' White Album. And I totally agree with double albums being a risky artistic move. It's hard to pull of that kind of project without it having a few unnecessary filler tracks. I can definitely see this appealing to many, with its musical influences and concepts from around the world, so I'm on board in saying this is one of their better albums!
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