Stone Temple Pilots - Perdida
Feb 7, 2020
I've never been so into STP that I would classify myself as a 'fan'. So I have little experience in their early discography. But regardless of their previous works and critical setbacks they've faced recently, I thought this new release was good. For a band that's been making music for as long as STP has, it's hard to remain relevant and continuously produce quality music as time passes. I'll use Green Day as an example. Green Day has been in the music industry for barely longer than STP. They released some great albums in their prime, but now, they're nothing more than a washed-up rock band. They literally released an abysmal album today. I thought it was odd that two separate 90's bands released a new album on the same day.

What I'm trying to say here is that Green Day has not aged very well. I expected the same from STP and the user score for the album supported my assumptions. However, I listened to this and actually enjoyed it quite a bit. It sounded surprisingly fresh. STP brings the same mentality that a hot young rock band would have. This record has a lot of high points. The songwriting can be a little bland here and there, but overall, the lyrics are pretty nice. They seem to be mainly themed around heartbreak and pain; both emotions that the entire project approaches pretty well in my opinion. The choruses and hooks featured on most of these tracks are memorable and sometimes even catchy. I don't like to use 'catchy' to describe something if it's not on a pop record lol. I found myself singing some of these songs in my head after initially hearing them. The vocals were good, but definitely aren't a highlight on the record. STP has had a few different vocalists in the past, so I could understand if the vocals weren't a major high point. But current singer, Jeff Gutt, holds his ground pretty well and provides us with some nice vocal work here. My favorite aspect of the record would have to be the beautifully luscious acoustic instrumentals. The instrumentation is actually pretty diverse here, but the acoustic moments are the most memorable for me. The track, "I Didn't Know The Time" is a nice little representation of that great instrumentation.

Before you write off this album as another band from the past just trying to keep their name in circulation, give it a close listen because this thing has real emotion and passion behind it. This is a good album and I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed it!
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