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Weyes Blood - And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow
ethereal sounds. absolutely beautiful record. just lovely.
Girlfriends - girlfriends
even if this were released in 2002, it would still suck
Releasing two great singles (Glimpse of Us & YUKON) as teasers and then releasing a handful of half-ass demos alongside them is a very deceptive and scummy way to roll out an "album."

Decent 5/10

Talking Heads - True Stories
Rare miss for one of my favorite groups ever. What's even more perplexing about the quality of this record is how boring and full of duds it is! I mean, we're talking about Talking Heads here. They're one of the most energetic and entertaining groups of all-time. It's hard to consider they are even capable of making absolute snoozefests like "Papa Legba" or "Dream Operator." Then there are just downright bad tracks, such as "Hey Now." Oh my God, I genuinely hated ... read more
Arctic Monkeys - The Car
I don't want to linger on this album for any longer than I already have for the last two days. Frankly, I hate it. I know I seem to be in the minority there but, oh my lord, this record bores the living shit out of me. I genuinely can't get over how every song, E V E R Y S O N G sounds exactly the same. Don't roll your eyes at that! I saw you! You can't deny that's true. All ten tracks--the whole batch is identical. I understand that it's heavily lyrically focused and you're supposed to care ... read more
The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language
Being Funny in a Foreign Language is not The 1975 "at their very best" as Dork claims, but it does showcase the band's strengths well and tightly fits together as a well-produced album and a dynamic little pop endeavor. Certainly better than Notes On A Conditional Form in every fathomable way. It's got the works! Better mixing, a more compact tracklist with better payoffs, and overall better writing. As controversial as this may sound, I'd honestly put this toe-to-toe with Brief ... read more
Johnnie Frierson - Have You Been Good to Yourself [Reissue]
I love finding little at-home oddities like this. If I were to choose one word to accurately describe this project, it would be "soulful." Mr. Frierson puts his entire soul into the mix, creating gospel and blues that are as genuine as you're ever going to find.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Return of the Dream Canteen
Solid! Honestly, I'm delighted to say this is the best RHCP album in years. In fact, I don't think it would be an overstatement to say this is their best output since 2006's Stadium Arcadium. Sure, it's no Californication or BSSM. I don't think the group could even sniff that level of energy and funk they once had. However, tracks like "Tippa My Tongue" and "Fake as [email protected]" come pretty dang close! The dynamic nature of this record is quite impressive actually because, on one ... read more
Sports Team - Gulp!
For a short while in 2020, I was obsessed with the new punk energy of Sports Team after hearing their debut album, Deep Down Happy. It feels like they've been teasing this new LP for ages now and I've been equally as excited for it as soon as I heard "Dig!" Unfortunately, the full product is here, and the singles are still the biggest highlights. It's a solid venture, don't get me wrong. Nothing inherently unlistenable or even eyeroll-worthy about any of these tracks. Most of them ... read more
Molchat Doma - Этажи (Etazhi)
I have no idea how to pronounce any of these titles so if someone asks me what my favorite European darkwave album is, I'm just gonna say that one with the cool building on the cover.
Tyler Childers - Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?
I just started listening to Tyler Childers earlier this summer, and he very quickly became not only my favorite country artist but also one of my favorite artists across all genres. His down-to-earth personality, wise lyricism, and gritty, Appalachian-inspired sound appeal to me on every level. His sound checks every box for me. His newest release, Can I Take My Hounds to Heaven?, is the first new album I've gotten yet as an already-established fan. And it sure is something...

I'm gonna break ... read more

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cool It Down
a couple of great songs here but also a few duds, and when your tracklist is only eight tracks, you don't have much room for duds.
Moby Grape - Truly Fine Citizen
fine and dandy little country rock jammin'. the opener "Changes, Circles Spinning" and "Looper" are my preferred highlights. i feel like these guys could really let loose if given the opportunity. they have the jam band essence of Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers. you can hear the potential buried in the instrumentals on some tracks.

Decent 7/10

Radiohead - Creep
funny how Creep is the worst song here
PJ Harvey - To Bring You My Love
Absolutely phenomenal display of raw emotion delivered through an even more raw sound. Harvey's voice switching between a tired whisper, an angry growl, and a gravelly yell brings nuance to an already revealing set of lyrics. All of this masterwork laid overtop the most chilling bass lines and echoing slow guitars comes together to form a rock masterpiece like no other. No other artist can replicate the same balance between fierce intensity and faint poignancy. Excellent effort from PJ Harvey ... read more
Ray Price - Night Life
Overall, an above-average collection of classic country tracks here. The title track is by far the most impressive highlight, although "Lonely Street" and "The Twenty-Fourth Hour" are memorable in their own right. I'm also fond of the Introduction and Theme announcement at the beginning, as it gives us a glimpse into how the idea of an "album" was viewed in the early 1960s. More kudos to this record for actually stating and holding an interesting theme throughout. ... read more
Foo Fighters - The Colour & the Shape
Remarkably solid hard rock record with gritty production and a runtime that doesn't overstay its welcome. No lackluster tracks to be found here really. "Monkey Wrench", "Hey Johnny Park", "My Hero", and "Everlong" each serving as incredible highlights. The latter of which makes a strong case for the best rock song of the '90s, which (in a rock-dominated decade like the 1990s) is really saying something! The late, GREAT Taylor Hawkins' drum work is ... read more
Tyler Childers - Live on Red Barn Radio I & II
Tyler's most authentic, personal, and altogether outstanding release yet. With only two tracks being plucked from albums, the majority of the material here is actually new, concert-exclusive music. You don't see that a lot anymore with live releases. Tyler pulled Grateful Dead on us. The new songs featured are arguably the most impressive as well. The opener, "Shake The Frost", is greatly popular and features an opening verse that will knock your heart right through your chest. ... read more
Tyler Childers - Country Squire
Tyler Childers follows up his impressive sophomore album, Purgatory, with a somewhat more polished and, thus, slightly more uninteresting project: Country Squire. I enjoyed Purgatory so much because of its strong singles and ability to hold up well as a complete project, track-by-track. There was not much, if any, filler there. I feel differently about this record, though. Like its predecessor, there are highlights I will listen to way into the future. These include the title track, "House ... read more
Tyler Childers - Purgatory
Purgatory is Tyler Childers at his absolute peak that we've seen thus far. It's sorta crazy to say that considering this is just his second LP. However, the growth in lyricism and songwriting, as well as the inclusion of more eclectic sounds over the six years since Bottles & Bibles is very apparent. You hear how much more Tyler is leaning into bluegrass-influenced sounds here, which makes sense considering he is a proud Kentucky native! There's not a bad song here, although a couple do ... read more
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On DarthSenate66's review of Billie Eilish - Guitar Songs
"i think acoustic Billie is boring too. i don't really understand the immense acclaim for these songs; I guess bc it's her? she has too many solid production outlets and talent to stoop to sad acoustic tracks like this. she's not Phoebe Bridgers so she shouldn't try to sound like her :/ still like Billie tho"
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On Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
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On LMFAO - Sorry for Party Rocking
"@kobepi understandable. none of these hold up to today's pop standards at all, but that dated sound just enhances the nostalgia for me. one good thing about music sounding dated is that it serves the same purpose as a time capsule. you can look back and just observe how different of a time it was."
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On Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby
"Whether or not Melanie Martinez is guilty of the allegations against her, we may never know for sure. There was obviously a lot of confusion and division surrounding that situation. Regardless, releasing a literal diss track in response to rape allegations (whether you are guilty or not) is one of the most despicable things I can think of, and it certainly fogged my conscious a bit when listening to this album."
On The Beatles - Revolver
"@Getoutdakitchen thanks a lot! it's sure hard to pick a favorite from these guys but this is definitely in contention"
On JacksonLerner's review of Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
""it’s constructed so vast, spatially, that every bar, every measure, every note is continuously shifting the shape of the song."... ...what a fantastic expression! you nailed the feel beautifully."
On Justin Bieber - Yummy
"@juliano ah, to have that pre-COVID mindset once again..."

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