Vmrrobotic & TURQUOISEDEATH - Fool's Gold
im doing my part!
Grave Guy - ALiVE Gv¥
the mixing on this thing is top tier, very professional sounding. the songs themselves... To use a metaphor from mic the snare, the song execution makes this feel like a team of very talented chefs made a kfc double down. it sounds beautiful, it's betting mixing and mastering than i've heard on professional projects made by high budget bands. i'm still eating a kfc double down. i get the appeal, sometimes a song is just obviously good and well made. can absolutely tell why this guy has the ... read more
Car Seat Headrest - Nervous Young Man
part two.

Track fifteen

My own self hatred had made my looks into the past much harder. The only recording I have left of my friend's voice, any shred of it left, is full of my voice from 2018, and I can't listen to it without drowning in dysphoria and craving death. I can't look into my old texts with my friends because of how awful I was. all those wonderful memories, how I was feeling for 6 months of my life, my friend's valiant effort to keep me from hurting myself, gone into the ether. ... read more

Black Kray - Crack Cloud$ Over Arts Kitchen
This is the best advertisement for Virginia strippers ever made
Fletcher - Girl Of My Dreams
Man, I wish my side boob was covered by a massive sticker...

If only...

Sheppard - Geronimo
Sorry, I am not that based, I think this song is great. Absolutely cause of nostalgia tho
Jack Harlow - Jackman.
Ok, so you may be thinking "oh, you ignorant whore, you really did let him self you chicken?", and like... Excuse me, this so good... Where was I? Oh, right, well it was like a four pack of nuggets, and it turned out to be delicious, so... I'm sorry, this is something real good chicken dude. Although, I did think of a better white rapper than you rather quickly... Dude, you know you're gonna be compared to Mac Miller a lot, right? This ain't watching movies (which is about to be ten ... read more
Souza & M27 - Before The Beginning
It's good. Not the greatest ep ever, but he really wasnt wanting to make that. It's good. Prolly not gonna go back to this for a while. But for what it is, it's good
Mariah Carey - Vision of Love
She got no other arm?
Souza - Water’s Edge
Yeah, it's fine. Beat is solid, souza raps about as relaxed as the beat. That would work if it was about something chill, and not about your mom going to jail. I get not everybody is gonna rap like Rx Papi, but give it a bit of emotion!
RiskR - for a brief second
Riskr released a new single yesterday, and I was on the fence on covering it. Imagine iglooghosts, curated by David Getta. It's a sound that worth seeing how it will evolve and change, but the singing is the weakest part. Take any other singer, fit the same mold, same results. The lyrics are so soulless and hollow, it's no wonder she didn't post them. It's a corporate approved fool's sanctuary, sanitized version of any other artist. I bet this must've meant a lot to riskr, but the emotion ... read more
Ertie Ruffian - Raquel
i have no idea what the hell is going on, but i'm banging my head so HARD!! the beats are here are all sick, the rapping is nuts despite the language barrier, and they mix so well!! imma be honest, death grips can't do that. i really want to know what the concept and lyrics mean after listening to this, cause while i don't understand it at all, i can feel the passion and anger!


god, i never thought i'd want a midnightbabe ... read more

Lemon Demon - Two Trucks
I'm dead serious
Big Sean - Control
Look, let's all be honest with ourselves, this Big Sean verse is mid. Literal static. He just coasts for 2 minutes. He flows good tho, but his pen is not there at all, and wouldn't be for years. Then Kendrick does Kendrick Lamar things. While it is far from his best verse, his flow makes everything he says sound like it's trying to come into your house and set it ablaze. And I don't even think the standout moment is him listing off a bunch of rappers, it's the lines after where he describes the ... read more
Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy
If Adin Ross made flower boy, it'd go a little something like this

Dishwasher, fuck
Got a question


Me&me - Playdough Cooked in Tea
OH MY GOD OMG💀💀💀💀💀 I'M DEAD 💀💀💀💀💀 I'M DECEASED (✖╭╮✖) (✖╭╮✖) (✖╭╮✖) (✖╭╮✖) (✖╭╮✖) THAT'S SO FUNNY 😐😐😐 I'M DYING 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

Yeah, turns out people dying isn't a comedic goldmine.

Congrats, me&me, the internet hates you. You played your stupid game, and you've won stupid prizes. Hope you're happy with yourself

When even implicit doom doesn't find you funny, you know you fucked up in your ... read more

Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
WHEN I SAW THE TEASER, I THOUGHT IT'D BE GOOD, BUT WWWWOOOOWWW. this is legit top ten this year, good God

Collab with Tame again, and also collab with George Clanton. For the people, yachty, for the people

Sewerslvt & Mortem - It Just Gets Worse
He says the n word in the Intro. Yippee!!
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On Daughters - Long Road, No Turns
"@HH123 dudes a loser who doesn't deserve good scores"
On RiskR - for a brief second
"@jinxtriplejinx I said the singing was weak, the lyrics were bland, and the emotion didn't translate. None of that is a personal dig on Riskr, that's what is bound to happen when you put production over writing"
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"And Travis is the most obvious comparison, cause he'd bring even worse lyrics than yachty did"
On Barchel's review of Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
"Oh, absolutely. This is definitely a stepping stone album. He's gotta get his pen game up, cause the music and features bodied him the entire time. There were some highs for him tho, this is definitely still his album. But it says a lot that I thought the instrumental conveyed the story of the black seminole more than the lyrics. Like if Tyler or Kendrick went in this direction, they'd bring much stronger writing, and probably more appealing vocals The thing I'm most excited about is the fact yachty blasted past most of his contemporaries. People like Travis Scott were leaning in this direction, but yachty just made the leap himself. So now, if Utopia is just Travis going through the motions, yachty might actually have the upper hand on the culture, and hype for his next project. And that's extremely interesting"
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"@Metformin *redacted*"
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"@Cry Guess what???"
On Burzum - Filosofem
"@21stcenturyschi oh trust me, I have many more reasons to not check out this album. He thinks I'm evil deep state propaganda, and I think it's weird he has any opinion on good or evil considering what he did"
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"Disagree. Like hard disagree. This made me very sad"
On Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
"@henriqueimoveis horny"
On Earl Sweatshirt - solace
"@smit 5ifthave deleted her account, and as such, I archived the review, and it's comments"
On billy woods - Aethiopes
"ruins "yeah modern blues is a spot on description, one of the first things I thought when I was listening to the record billy woods really outdid himself on this one great review!""
On billy woods - Aethiopes
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On billy woods - Aethiopes
"5ifthave "tried to mix the funny writing with my usual review style idk""
On Earl Sweatshirt - solace
"ironyslab "mental breakdown""
On Earl Sweatshirt - solace
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On Earl Sweatshirt - solace
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On Earl Sweatshirt - solace
"Neo? "Actually just a wonderful review, I can feel your personal experience with this album coming through the site. As someone whos been through very similar experiences. this type of music is very special and I'm glad you got something out of it.""
On Earl Sweatshirt - solace
"KillBill "bro I can't do that much but just for you to know I appreciate the fact that you are here in this site talking about what you love and interacting with people you find cool cause it helps your soul get some support and feel at least a little better""
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