Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun - The Brave
Max Corbacho - Atmospheric Twilight
Very much what you've come to expect from the guy, which means it's a very atmosphere heavy space ambient album that makes you feel as though you're lingering in the clouds and beyond.
Laika - Sounds of the Satellites
Yeah this is a first listen that completely exceeded my expectations, it takes a pretty varied approach to trip hop by incorporating different elements within the genres constraints, but at the same time I cannot pin down and label anything they're doing on here. I just had an absolute blast with this, really can't recommend it enough!
Sonic Youth - Washing Machine
Title track and The Diamond Sea are on another fucking level.
Solid Debut! Does lose its way somewhat in the last leg when the songs kinda blend into each other somewhat, but the highlights on this thing are some of the most ferocious and terrifying dance/post-punk you're gonna hear this year without a doubt.

Standout: Crossing Guard
Favs: Donkey Show, Amaranth, Mosquito
Least fav: Maria

Beat Happening - Beat Happening
Some very cute moments on this album, but not as frequent as I'd like.
The Field - Cupid's Head
I know it's been said a lot, but Axel Willner's production is as ethereal as it gets. "Black Sea" in particular is as good as it gets.
Swimming With Dolphins - Ambient Blue
Chalk it up to nostalgia goggles or whatever, but the synth work on this E.P really has stood the test of time better than most indietronica releases of this period. The dreamy and subtly glitchy framework that make up these songs is enchanting, and while the songwriting is a *bit* amateurish, it's got that childlike quality to it that I can't help but appreciate. "Silhouettes" in particular is an absolutely gorgeous song that I still bump over a decade later. Not at all bad ... read more
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
The short and concise funk tracks that congregate in the midsection of this album are really delightful, and show the genre at its wackiest and undeniably fun. But I find that the overly noodly and jam-centric bookends of the album to be to the albums detriment (fully aware this is an unpopular opinion), and as such I'm a touch more lukewarm on this than I would have liked. It's still an absolutely essential listen, and well deserving of its legacy as a 70's classic.
Arthur Jones - Scorpio
Saucy Free Jazz recording, not necessarily the most mind-altering the genre has to offer, but just as hard to pin down as the best of them.
Justin Jay - Hypnotized
Consider yourself hypnotised.
Natalia Lafourcade - De Todas Las Flores
Yeah this is a really solid album, a lot more rustic and rootsy than that of the "En Canto" series, but just as robust and impeccably performed. Truly a once in a lifetime talent.
Doc Watson - Memories
A really charming and upbeat set of bluegrass songs that encompass a lot of different lyrical and stylistic themes, yet come together really well. Incredibly heartfelt and heartwarming.
David Sylvian - Manafon
Weirdo king drops some of his weirdest stuff ever.
Working Men's Club - Fear Fear
A sophomore slump if there was ever one.
Kassem Mosse - Workshop 32
Deep and unorthodox house bops on this thing. Not necessarily the most immediate, but highly compelling nonetheless.
The California EAR Unit - Feldman: Crippled Symmetry
Just completely mesmerising.
Matchess - Sonescent
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