Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
Jul 1, 2020
Eminem does a lot of things on this record. Of course, he can rap fast. But what else can he do? He can create an album that starts off by telling the listener to “suck his fucking cock” which is ironic considering that the vast majority of his listeners are male. The numerous instances of blatant homophobia on the project, such as how he likes to “Make fun of gay clubs” and “men who wear make-up”, along with the multitude of times he uses the F-slur, would lead me to believe he would not enjoy oral sex with a man, but to each their own. He can push a tough guy persona which is hardly believable at all coming from the guy who wrote “Kim”, the 16th track on this LP. The song details the altercation between him and his significant other while he abuses her verbally and physically for cheating on him. He can also make a record that pushes a multitude of other violent themes for seemingly no other reason than to drum up controversy or to aggravate the listener. I do give him credit however, for describing his demographic with pinpoint accuracy on the track “Who Knew”. Mr Mathers triumphantly states that he makes “fight music for high school kids”. It takes a lot of courage to openly admit that you make music for people who haven’t even finished developing their brains yet, but then again, we already knew this. Anyone above the age of 25 understands that the shock value of this album is completely worthless when it is executed as poorly as it is executed here. There are rare instances of good writing, such as on “Stan”, where he tells the tale of an insane fan who is a little too into the content of Eminem’s music. The production on this album is clean but leaves something to be desired in most cases, and I don’t think that it has aged incredibly well over the 20 years since its release. Eminem’s delivery is good on most of the tracks and he is definitely a talented rapper in the technical sense. He is able to annunciate well and his flow is great in most instances. The biggest flaw on this record is and will always be the writing. It is almost unbearable to sit through an hour and 12 minutes of this miserable excuse for a magnum opus, especially when comparing it to the greatest projects from almost all of his contemporaries. It’s a shame that the talent that Eminem has for rapping is wasted on music that is as awful as it is. I think Steve Berman puts it best on the skit “Steve Berman” when he says, “This album is less than nothing”. For Eminem’s most critically acclaimed record, this was probably one of the worst albums I’ve ever listened to.
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