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Koreless - Agor
Jul 27

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Clairo - Sling
Jul 27
Anika - Change
Jul 27
Samia - Scout
Jul 27
Koreless - Agor
Jul 27

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humm1ng_b1rd -
Gived me Summertime Sadness vibes. I love Summertime Sadness. I love Lana. I love Taylor.
humm1ng_b1rd -
And Little Simz, again, give to us the best rap song of the year! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘‘
humm1ng_b1rd -
If you had told me that yesterday morning, I would have considered the possibility of 100 for some new Coldplay work I would have laughed so hard... Now I’m here, paying with my tongue.
humm1ng_b1rd -
Alina, fuck! This is very good, too good. I’m so happy! The chorus is magical.
humm1ng_b1rd -
His voice is like the Sam Smith's voice but kinda better.


Jul 22, 2021
yeah - i listened to her debut a couple weeks ago after seeing the new album was coming up for august in the releases page & i've heard the two new singles. mostly all decent, not sure if i care for "Hold U" much
Jul 20, 2021
Thanks for following! :)
Jul 18, 2021
Bambi is definitely up there for me - the first four tracks are all excellent. i also love Joanie, although it is mostly instrumental.
Jul 18, 2021
to some degree yes. i do appreciate Blouse more, but there are also several other tracks on the album i like more than it and i wouldn't say it is a standout for me.
Jul 4, 2021
As I’m sure you can imagine with just how many there are, most of the ratings I have are for albums I’ve only listened to a single time aside from the higher ones. In tandem with this, it’s often a matter of me giving a high score to something which, for whatever indescribable reason, I find myself wanting to return to again and again once it’s released. I think that things which often stick out to me are how unique or refreshing I find an album and how much I connect with or am intrigued by the overarching theme or message, if there is one – but there is definitely more to it than just those. Again, I try not to overthink it too much.
As for “Bloom” – it’s a fun enough song. This is the first time I’m hearing Matilda Mann, and I’ll keep an eye out for when this artist releases her debut album. (4/4)
Jul 4, 2021
I do frame things around 70 being more-or-less the average (and most ratings I give fall within 10 of there in either direction), but at this point I’ve been doing this so much and for so long that it kind of comes naturally to me and I try not to spend too much time agonizing over the precision of it. I don’t, for instance, necessarily see an 87 and being a great deal “better” than an 84, and the difference becomes less so the further down the scale it goes.

I suppose this begs the question: why do I enjoy the music which I do? I’m not sure if I fully even have the answer to that. I don’t write full-length reviews, aside from the descriptions on the entries to a couple lists. It takes me quite a lot of time to develop strong enough thoughts on something to do that, and so I keep it in an album list context and only for my favorites and what I find the most significant. (3/?)
Jul 4, 2021
For brand new releases, there is almost never an immediate legacy to be considered, and so ratings are very simply only reflective of my own enjoyment. My outlook on music is extremely album-centric – a full album front-to-back is generally how I listen to all music (excluding singles to upcoming albums), so I don’t rate individual singles and rarely EPs either. As I try to rate new albums within a few days of release, this can be somewhat flawed, and I find myself adjusting scores for some things in the following weeks as well as at the very end of the year (and in 2019, end of the decade). I have a bit of a tendency to overrate things I enjoy on release and then slightly decrease the score over time. At any rate, much of my process is just comparing my feelings on an album to others I’ve listened to of the same artist and within the same genre, and then assigning a rating relative to those. (2/?)
Jul 4, 2021
Hello again! This will be a bit long-winded and probably over multiple messages …

I do think it’s important to acknowledge that, while enjoyment of music is always subjective, for some things there is simply so much of a legacy or influence that this also can’t be ignored. I try to keep that in consideration with older music in particular, and the result is me having given very high scores to many older albums that perhaps I don’t have the same personal attachment to as more recent ones which I’ve given a similar rating. I think much of my outlook there is put most concisely in the preface to my Albums of the 2010’s list (which as a side note is certainly my proudest achievement on this site). That said, as scientific as much of this may seem from the outside, I have the attitude that all ratings and lists – my own, those of other users and critics alike – are ultimately arbitrary to a great deal. I hardly see myself as a “professional” with this, either. (1/?)
Jun 28, 2021
this is ok - better than a lot of the stuff on her last album.

thanks for the rec!
Jun 27, 2021
OI, ainda não vi nada da Clairo, mas vou ver. Estou muito atarefado esse mês e tem bastante coisa atrasada. Obrigado pela dica!


starting over...

I’m a Brazilian user disguised as a Texan who loves music and is here to express his irrelevant opinions and blah...
PS: If you read this, please keep it a secret. I love you.

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