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Hummus -
I remember recently coming across a very poignant quote from the tragically late SOPHIE, where she pointed out the endless possibilities for creativity and exploration within the electronic genre. The genre's always been home to some of the most cutting-edge sounds available, but I think now, more than ever, its ability to produce exciting new sounds is really in full force. Electronic production and stylings are often infused in just about every modern genre, with artists like Arca, Oneohtrix ... read more

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Hummus -
Bro. I got the track globe from this record in my Spotify weekly recommended, and it goes unreasonably hard. It's honestly one of the best trap songs I think I've ever heard. It's so catchy, so unique, so dense, so... fun! The best way I can describe this dude's sound is something of a mixture between Bladee and Playboi Carti, and it is crazy. The dense production and layers of vocal effects of Bladee meet the over-the-top, repetitive vocal deliveries of Playboi Carti to create a fresh version ... read more
Hummus -
I listened to this album on a long car ride early in the morning, and it was a super cool experience. Hearing the gradual evolution of an initially simple, yet intriguing melody into a vast array of instruments, electronic flourishes, and powerful saxophone solos was really stunning. Who knew one melody could be so captivating? Some of the earlier movements are a bit too minimal and scant for my liking, but this thing was overall a really great listen, and the ending sections, in particular, ... read more
Hummus -
Brockhampton makes a triumphant return with a fresh, bold new sound and some of their sharpest, most powerful displays of lyricism yet.

I remember back in like 2019 when I was just getting over my "rap is bad!!1" phase that every kid who discovered Monstercat goes through, only to then find out about Brockhampton's music, and becoming totally addicted. They were practically all I listened to for a while, and although I'm a bit burnt out of them nowadays, I still look back on those ... read more
Hummus -
What a strong vision for an album.

G_d's Pee was my first Godspeed album, and it's not hard to see why the band is so beloved. It manages to completely pull you in, offering a mesmerizing experience filled with long-form, evolving post-rock beauty that I found to be really compelling. Sure, it's not the most unique or groundbreaking album in the genre I've ever heard, but it sounds like a group who's refined their sound down to a science, and are now enjoying crafting more blunt and direct ... read more
Hummus -
Fires in Heaven is a definite improvement over Salem's wildly messy debut, but it trades out the fatal flaws of their past work with some new, less dramatic, but still aggravating issues that bring down the record.

Right off the bat, the mixing here is soooooo much better than on King's Night. Compared to the nausea-inducing mixing of that record, each track on Fires in Heaven is at the very least listenable and nausea-free. It can often sound blown-out and murky, but I think that's more of an ... read more


Mar 14, 2021
Yeah brother you know it 🤘🤘🤘
Mar 6, 2021
Rightfully so
Mar 5, 2021
Best name ever
Feb 9, 2021
thank you man, that's a really kind message! i'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff (:
Feb 8, 2021
hi hummus, like your reviews!
Apr 20, 2020
Good to know that good food has good taste.
Mar 20, 2020
i want to eat you


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