Gabbie Hanna - This Time Next Year
Overall it's ok. It's not that inspiring. The album cover doesn't suit the sound. Why the hell are all the curse words censored? What's the point of writing curse words in the songs, then? In terms of the songs, the second half of the album is actually pretty good: Sorry I'm late is a disappointment. The song was pretty good from her original YT video in a bathtub, but this production is trash. Ex is pretty good; probably the best-produced song on the album. The choice of the second track is ... read more
Sabrina Carpenter - A Nonsense Christmas
This is hilarious lmao
Taylor Swift - Midnights
ya people are so full of shit. Yall expect her to just keep doing folklore and evermore type shit forever? This is still more well-written than 90% of the pop songs out there rn and yall are too afraid to admit it. Its a fucking pop record, yall expect poetry type lyrics in a pop song??? Anyways its a much better pop record than rep and lover.
Elton John & Britney Spears - Hold Me Closer
ummmm... the effects on elton john's voice is horrendous. Britney's voice does not suit this type of production, you can barely hear her. Overall this is NOT a strong comeback. Congrats to britney but this is not it.
Johnny Orlando - all the things that could go wrong
It's surprising how good this album is. The production sounds rich and the lyrics are not corny considering the subject matter he is expressing through this album. It's a really solid debut album.
Hayley Kiyoko - PANORAMA
There are a few tracks that's not up to par but most of the songs are really nice. People overhate her for no reason
Gabbie Hanna - Trauma Queen
This is not bad at all. The production is actually really good. Gabbie is a better songwriter than I thought. All these negative comments are probably just because they dont like her as a person, period. This is a good album.
j-hope - Jack In The Box
Is this a joke? This is so cheap melodically and lyrically.
Post Malone - Twelve Carat Toothache
Its... not very exciting. Definitely has some standout tracks but as a whole... it lacks a lot of FLAVA
Harry Styles - Harry's House
I feel like this album is lacking something. I'm not latching onto it immediately like his first 2 albums.
And sorry i dont get the hype around As It Was... its pretty basic and generic to me.
I feel like this album would grow on me tho... we'll see.
So far its ok...
I love his subtlety in songwriting tho, its nice.
Taylor Swift - All Too Well (10 Minute Version) [Live Acoustic]
look at the kanye stans trying to fuck up the rating lmao pathetic
The Chainsmokers - So Far So Good
Nothing that special except for a few tracks
Ethel Cain - Preacher's Daughter
This is a debut????? If the debut is this good then i cant wait for her future projects
Charli XCX - CRASH
pop perfection
Taylor Swift - reputation
pop perfection
Taylor Swift - Lover
A chill summer vibe with many well-constructed songs
Taylor Swift - folklore
A perfect album
Taylor Swift - evermore
Even better than folklore
Taylor Swift - This Love (Taylor's Version)
One of my fave 1989 songs. Sounds richer than the og
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