Car Seat Headrest - How to Leave Town
Jul 16, 2021
This is my second car seat headrest album review at least the main ones so obviously this album means a lot to me and I'd like to hopefully convey that well through my words and description of this album.

I have to be honest I only listened to the entirety of this album semi-recently and I wish I listened to it earlier, the ending of Dramamine was daunting to me not even for the length but the repetitiveness of the beginning of the song which I now see as a strong suit this song is a good musical description of the feeling, suspense. I have to be honest there are a few live versions I prefer more than this and I think live versions of this song show very well how a song can be changed for the better in live performances and just different versions.

For example, most of the live versions of this song have the synth replaced with guitar which I think works extremely well for the tone of the song. The original is amazing though, with a very synth-based sound being one of wills first ventures into this type of sound, I think they fit very well into the song. this song is about wills self-confidence or lack thereof, the title specifically Dramamine has 2 meanings one is a drug for motion sickness and two is another word for getting older so I have a feeling this song deals with getting older as seen in the fact the two choruses are in different periods the first being in past tense and the second being in the present tense, This is one of my favourite car seat headrest songs.

The chorus catches me though, with will talking about how "attractive" and ideal his past was with the lines "I was young, I was thin I had money and I loved you" then the next line I think sums up will not understanding what happened so he's using a mix of random sounds to sum it up in his head because the next line "I need a name for what I’m feeling
Then I can start to work on a meaning" sums that up pretty well, this song is an expression for not being able to describe the problems for what's going on with you but wishing you were able because it would make your problems so much easier to deal with.

This song also brings up the idea of lying about loving yourself hoping you can convince yourself that you finally do and asking if people hate themselves instead. Along with coming up for stupid reasons not to hate yourself and letting your anger and sadness control your ability to control yourself, I feel like it also describes finding out the problem is someone in your life specifically a partner or close friend and realising it's too late to fix it. The last two or so verses are will describing a perfect reality along with a reference to another album he released in 2011 "my back is killing me baby" saying his back isn't hurting anymore and everything is perfect but going back to reality and feeling the person's eyes still on him as the song starts getting louder and breaking down a bit like wills emotional state and the beginning of the song.

This was the real last early car seat headrest album with teens of style and denial coming next a huge increase in quality and popularity with the release of teens of denial being featured on Jimmy Kimmel a huge step up it's still one of my favourite albums beast monster thing is one of my favourite songs being about half the length of ending of Dramamine but still long.

The title immediately makes me feel like this song is referring to will, instead of being directed at a different person he's referring to himself in the third person. A good example is Will talking about co-writing his songs with himself. will show a lot of distaste in himself compared to Dramamine he was saying he liked and tolerated himself being a lie or him trying to convince himself he does, the line "love isn't love enough at least not how I'm making it" is will again referring to himself either because of a partner's comments on their self-doubt at not thinking his love is enough or it's just will's self-doubt because of himself.

This song shows will never saw and sees the good times and has a distaste for himself. I think the first line in this song is will feeling or showing people are losing interest in him, this album is one of wills saddest because I think every song even the 1 minute instrumental is bleak, I also feel like this album is one of his earliest experiments with his sound.

"Love isn't love enough" is a line that will stick with me forever. This song is perfect in my opinion. It reminds me a lot of high to death or cute thing from twin fantasy in the lyricism. This has to be one of my favourite car seat headrest songs with the loud overdriven guitars and wills crushed down vocals and amazing lyrics as usual this song is up there with one of their best.

This was the second album that was recommended to me by my friend who got me into car seat headrest with the 2016 version of twin fantasy

Kimochi warui (when? When? When? When? When? When? When?) is about wills realization that everyone he looked up to in his youth including and especially the musicians were never really people to look up to or as he says "now I've got no one to pray to" but I think it also ties into wills show of distant and lack of care for himself and showing reasons why he feels this way and does this to himself, along with the religious references "and I will not go to heaven, and I will not go to hell, I have no faith in death to be anything at all" and in the next line there's a recording of him saying he's feeling sick.

This song connects to me because it's about trying to be comfortable with yourself and realising no one's perfect and we probably will have no one to turn to eventually, wills vocal performance in this song is extremely heartfelt like most of his songs.

This album is similar to twin fantasy in the fact it has an underlying message throughout the whole album even though it's a little less in order than twin fantasy this album is about self-loathing and overcoming or succumbing to that self-loathing which I think makes it in some ways sadder than twin fantasy and with a band you can hear that the sound is improved, this album also sounds like a precursor to making a door less open its a lot more electronically diverse compared to previous releases like twin fantasy I think will works both by himself and with a band behind him and it shows on stage and makes you see how talented will toledo is as a person and musician.

This album does have a short song on it that's the track 1-94 w (832 mi) a short 1-minute instrumental break I think it helps the album breathe and think about the previous 3 songs that are 4 minutes plus. I've heard this album being called overrated a lot and I do think it's one of their more popular releases. I think it has merit. It combines the best parts of twin fantasy, 4 and the future making a door less open and is almost perfect in my opinion.

The track you're in love with me sound like a cry for help from will trying to convince himself the person he likes is in love with him. or trying to convince himself they actually do love him and he's making up excuses for the fact they aren't.

With the building up guitars similar to the ending of Dramamine this song has a bit of suspense to it. The songs are pretty simple to understand, will trying to convince this person that they're in love with him and will describing a weird dream he had one time maybe to pass time and distract the person he's talking to.
This song feels shorter than the others honestly even though it's still almost 6 minutes long the repeating with me at the end of the song makes me feel like will is desperate to make them feel this way and is begging they will return their feelings and love them back.

This album stands out compared to the rest of car seat headrest's discography with its combination of electronic and real drums. Wills vocals still have that early car seat headrest sound but also sound a bit cleaner and more audible especially on the track American (never been) which fights with I want you to know that I'm awake/i hope that you're asleep for my favourite track off this album with its Catchy repetitive chorus.

This song references back to the ending of Dramamine with the gas station and wills fighting with his partner. I think this song is the best example of how different car seat headrest sounds on this album. This song feels like Will's search for the real American and what he was promised American would be like along with his random misplaced thoughts and fear for his future and the future of his relationship.

It perfectly ties into the next song. I want you to know that I'm awake/I hope that you're asleep. I love this track and it's up there with famous prophets (stars) and anchorite (love you very much) with car seat headrests saddest songs.

Similar to twin fantasy this song describes one of Will's failing relationships and his attempt at salvaging it and stopping it from falling apart especially near the end where he starts listing couples that broke up and took breaks saying we're nothing like them and trying to convince himself that because they're special they'll be okay. However, I don't think the partners in either album are connected.

He's also singing about situations where they fought over simple things like making coffee. Will is also talking about more of the distaste and self-loathing he has for himself within the first paragraph describing himself as a stupid ugly stuttering asshole who isn't allowed to have feelings because his partner has made him feel this way afraid he's going to ruin this by feeling like it.

He's also singing about how loving is hard for him sometimes and a lot of the time he just doesn't feel at all, and that he's numb to everything. Trying to explain this to a partner is extremely hard and he's trying to convince them he truly does love them his head is just stupid sometimes and how his pleads don't get recognised because his partner just won't reply or give him an answer in return. It shows anxiety in relationships and the trouble that anxiety brings up and what it can do to a couple. I love this song so much it means so much to me and has similar personal connections to me like twin fantasy does it's a perfect and extremely depressing song that will bring you to tears like famous prophets (stars).

The second to last song is this dust really from the titanic? is another s one at about 2 minutes more of a spoken word piece. it describes wills life in the music industry specifically having artist friends and how they live and what they make is shared with him. how they look like they have their life together more than most people but actually don't and have less of a plan than you would think. This song really spaces out the last track and makes it more impactful. This song also talks about medication and showing how a lot of young artists struggle with money and making it along with getting a lot of publicity and appreciation for their work.

The last song hey, space cadet (beast monster thing in space) incorporates everything about this album and past car seat headrest release I really do think this was the final song about wills early stardom and him finally accepting he's made it and despite the fact he feels useless and like a failure, despite the fact he might be or at least thinks he's a beast monster thing he's succeeded and is now a star in the music world.

along with referencing songs earlier in the album like your in love with me and even songs in earlier car seat headrest albums like I feel like Daniel Johnston from 4. Will sings about and references Texas a lot. Will is the space cadet in this song talking about himself in the third person describing his insecurities and repeating love isn't love enough from beast monster thing.

This song feels like the end of an amazing coming of age film, will has finally done it. He's telling himself he needs to love himself and be himself and that he'll always feel insecure and hurt and relationships won't work but he'll get through it and he'll find a way. Will has made it and done it and has struggled through his insecurities even through albums like my back is killing me baby and nervous young man this album feels like the end of this chapter which in some ways is bad but it's mostly good. I think everyone should take a page from this and realise that anxiety will destroy you if you don't fight it.

This song finishes with a loud instrumental piece till it all falls apart at the end loud feedback and instrument being put down a full circle.
Will is finished.

Thank you all a lot for reading this, I hope it wasn't horrible to get through and means something if you'd like I'd appreciate it if you checked my other reviews and liked em! Writing has become a big thing for me and not just writing music, these reviews mean alot to me and I hope they mean something to you. Thank you to all my friends and mutuals that read these especially you soop hi if your reading this your reviews made me start writing myself :). But again thank you all and don't forget to like see ya later!

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