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idlxworship -
I started to listen to Kendrick when this album came out and I thought it was the greatest thing ever, then I saw people saying it was good but it wasn't near his earlier projects and I thought that couldn't be possible. It turns out they were right, this isn't CLOSE to TPAB and GKMC and it's getting more a more underwhelming every year (it was a 95 for me in 2019).

Even though it's not Kendrick's best, his songwriting is as strong as ever and it's still so good.

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idlxworship -
I used to say I'd never like folk music and then I discovered Laura Marling.

Though this album isn't so different from her earlier projects, Laura's growth as a songwriter shows a lot throughout the whole record. On my first listen I wasn't impressed at all and I almost didn't come back to this album but after that it just keeps growing on me with every listen. There isn't a bad or forgettable song on this album, I can't think of a hook that wasn't memorable to be honest.

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idlxworship -
It's quite complicated to write something about this album. It's another one of those I loved when I was 14 and still find them very enjoyable.

Despite how biased I am, I still think it's a great record, of course it's full of generic beats anyone could make but Tyler Joseph's songwriting has always amused me and has helped me a lot.

• Not Today
• Goner
• We Don't Believe What's On TV
• The Judge
idlxworship -
Is there anything better to listen to on your birthday? Well, yes, but this is pretty good too.

I grew up with Gorillaz two first albums, I guess my parents didn't like Plastic Beach because I'm not familiar with it at all. However, it did surprise me.
It has what you can expect from an album with so many songs, some are nearly perfect and some others are not so good but to be fair, I only hated two songs, Glitter Freeze and Sweepstakes, I found them to be boring, unnecessarily long and have ... read more
idlxworship -
Besides The Beatles' discography I think this was the first classic rock album I ever listened to and it was something out of this world for me. It's incredible how all the songs work perfectly on their own but when you listen to the whole thing, there are not many things better than that.
The fact that such an incredible album was released in 1973 still amazes me daily, the production it's way ahead of its time.
Pink Floyd's first records made them look like just another band but what they ... read more


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20. I'm obviously not a professional music critic, so my reviews will be more about how albums make me feel rather than judging the music itself, but I'll do it when I feel like it.

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