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ihavetwoyeers -
ihavetwoyeers -
Edit: I hate how much I can emotionally relate to this album and I wish it never did, fuck my life, fuck my life, fuck my life, fuck my life :)

Fast Car makes me smile and I haven't feel like really want to smile for a while, I'm so lucky that I could find this album in my life time, THANK YOU XIU XIU <3333


Jun 22, 2021
i mean you're chatting with someone who has 258 perfect 10/10's, so overt positivity is absolutely welcome in my view haha. i think some of my fav artists have over 5-6 perfect albums, so giving tons of radiohead albums high scores is good
Jun 20, 2021
you having a promise and in rainbows as your top 2 is also based beyond measure, hope to see you around more on the site :)
Jun 20, 2021
all g man, take ya time :)
just good to see the account isnt just a blank anymore
hope you see improvement in the near future <3
Jun 20, 2021
the return!!!!
Jun 19, 2021
listen to weight listen to san marcos listen to tokyo listen to sister/nation listen to no halo 🥺🥺
Jun 19, 2021
noooooooooo its harsh???????? lmfao. i am listening to saturation ii rn lmfao tokyo is soog ood
Jun 18, 2021
I mean maybe, but positive scores are always something I like so you doing that would be cool too. No one here or on RYM is positive enough, but make your ratings more sensible. I dont care about the disparity between my ratings, like Whole Lotta Red and TPAB at the same score because personal enjoyment matters you know 🤷‍♀️
Jun 18, 2021
Thats true, even though i give everything high scores, i actually have scales, especially between 90-100,

90 is very good, 91 is very good + means more to me than a 90, 92 is remarkably solid/game changing but not a personal favorite still very good, 93 is a guilty pleasure, or something i love way more than a 90 but is probably a 90 musically. 95 is a personal favorite, may be inferior musically to other music, and/or might not have had an impact on my life like the 97s but they are infinitely listenable and carry nostalgic value. 97s are very good, might have a mediocre song, but relates a lot wiht my life, a 99 is the same but i love it as much as my 100, and 100s are musically solid picks that also mean a heck lot to me
Jun 18, 2021
its good i loved it because its the only one that looked like mine lmfao so i was sad when you deleted it, really positive, only good vibes
Jun 17, 2021
damn lmfao are you gonna restart rating


my new rating scales is a mess, still working on it btw
I'm just a person with maximum social anxiety and vibing with good music :D

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