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Radiohead - In Rainbows
Feb 16, 2023 (updated Feb 16, 2023)

First of all, I just wanna say thank you. Thank you all for 800 followers. Six months ago, I would have never imagined that I’d make it so far, especially not this fast. You guys mean the world to me, and I couldn’t be thankful enough!

For my 17 years of life on this planet, I’ve always felt like an outcast; there are people who have ridiculed me for being what society doesn’t want me to be: an introverted aspie. A lot of times I try to do things with people, only to be rejected or ignored. I’ve been made fun of due my perspective on life, my looks, my naturally skinny frame, pretty much anything at this point. All of this only lowers my self esteem, so I’m naturally reserved and quiet in the real world. In the summer of 2021, I actually felt like leaving this life behind, until me and @TherynsReviews were online together in the fall of that year. We quickly became friends, and from that moment on, we both talked to each other about our tastes in music quite frequently. Fast forward to when I joined this site, me, @DREscapePlan, @UltimateLifeFrm, and more became great friends. I enjoy having conversations with the two of them, and they have been there for me whenever I’m at my lowest emotionally. Thanks to @TherynsReviews, @UltimateLifeFrm, @DREscapePlan, @waffles, @ZironReviews, @surlace, @Jc9ers (he changes his name constantly), @nah_, and many more for making AOTY extremely enjoyable!

Let’s get on to the actual music.

Released on October 10, 2007, In Rainbows was originally a pay-what-you-want download, meaning you could set your own price to the album, and then it was physically released through XL Recordings and TBD Records.

In 2004, after Hail To The Thief, they were on a hiatus. Their contract with EMI ended, and they couldn’t use a contract to release music. In 2005, they started recording this album in an Oxfordshire studio. Their recording sessions took forever, and they struggled to gain confidence. They didn’t have a producer, and all the members became fathers. They wanted to call it a day and break up, but they kept working because one of the members said, “When you got beyond all the shit and bollocks, the core of these songs were really good.”

In 2006, they decided to tour for the first time since 2004, and the members said they the tour gave them the spark they needed to finish the album. They got Nigel Godrich back, and they recorded sessions in studios all over London.

15 Step goes from an electronic beat to the full band. The track is in 5/4 time, which makes you embrace its tempo. This song described love, betrayal, and failed pursuits.

Bodysnatchers is a story about a person who is sick of living a very boring life to the point where he doesn’t show his true self, lives a false life, and regrets it.

Nude had a really long backstory. It was originally made during the OK Computer era, where it became a fan-favorite due to it often being played at their shows. Many people knew it as “Big Ideas (Don’t Get Any).” They worked on it for so long until they finally got the end product, which was different from the original. It describes what would happen if there was a world where only one idea was shared with everybody.

Weird Fishes / Arpeggi uses new drums and lots of arpeggios, giving it a unique kind of sound.

All I Need is one of the most emotional songs you’ll ever hear.

Faust Arp is about a man who nearly sold his soul to the devil to receive power and happiness.

Reckoner was one of the first ideas for the album’s title. I guess In Rainbows has more of a ring to it, huh?

House Of Cards is about a man who loves a girl who is in love with another guy, comparing himself and the girl to a “House Of Cards,” as the name suggests.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place is based the members remembering the nights they spent drunk while in university.

Videotape is my favorite Radiohead song of all time. It’s one of those songs that make me feel so happy to be alive, reminds me that I gotta be thankful for who and what I currently have, and it overwhelms me with so much joy that I cry every time I hear the song. If this ever becomes my favorite song of all time, that would mean the world to me.

This album is one of my favorite albums of all time because it’s there to help me appreciate the little things in life. It reminds me that we all have a very limited amount of time to be alive, and that’s okay. Because of this, it’s now my third favorite album of all time. I’m so glad to be here with you all.

Favorite: Videotape
Least Favorite: N/A

Track Ratings
115 Step / 100
2Bodysnatchers / 100
3Nude / 100
4Weird Fishes / Arpeggi / 100
5All I Need / 100
6Faust Arp / 100
7Reckoner / 100
8House of Cards / 100
9Jigsaw Falling Into Place / 100
10Videotape / 100
That intro paragraph was heartwarming. Whoever tells you those awful ideals with looks, then put their teeth through and love yourself <3 This review was amazing to read and you're so talented with writing entertaining reviews. You're an amazing friend and I'm glad that you find me to be great as well :)
Reading the opening paragraph nearly got me emotional again, sorry to sound like I'm a bit of a crybaby lol.

I'm happy to see you reach this high following in such a short space of time and I'm also really happy to be friends with you. ;)

Great review as well. It's easy to see how much this album has helped you.
Letsgoo, great review! Videotape is such a W for the fav track
Glad to have you as my friend, you're one of the coolest people I know and it's incredible that you've reached 800 followers, you deserve every single one of them. <3
Ngl, the opening paragraph almost made cry. Beautiful review. Congrats on 800! 💗
@DREscapePlan @UltimateLifeFrm @RemisReviews @TherynsReviews @ZironReviews thank you all for the support! I look forward to a fantastic 2023, and I don’t know what I’d do if one of the five of you didn’t get me to join this site lol.

Stay awesome :)
I'm glad I've had a positive impact for someone on this site during my short time here, especially a great friend! 800 followers is very well deserved! Amazing review, and thanks for supporting me so much on this site too! You'll be at 1000 in no time lol
@waffles thank you so much :)
Hey man, your welcome. I have also been an outcast for all of my life, it has its benefits but for the most part sucks. I will say though, being on this website has built up my confidence a lot since joining the website. It has helped me temendously in transforming me into what used to be an introverted kid to a more confident one who talks to people constantly, both in real life and online. It gets better, trust me, your life will get better. As you mentioned, having conversations with people will teach you that your life is worth living. I have gone through this exact mindset in my life, but with the support of a lot of people that care for me as much as I care for them helped me through all of the pain. I am glad to have talked to you a lot on this website, and I thank you for the support that you have given me. Musically, my favorite song on this album is All I Need, Yorke's voice is so emotional, it almost made me cry on my first listen. Great review man and keep up the good work!
I hate how there is a word count limit on the comments, I could have gone on forever on how I agree with your score haha
@Jc9ers god damn. It seems like we’ve had a similar upbringing. I wish you a great life
It has definitely gotten better for me, having a toxic relationship with my dad and knowing how shitty of a human he is really made me who I am. I know who not to be when I grow up. Now that I'm 18 and my parents are divorcing soon, I don't have to talk to my dad ever again. It has improved my life not talking to that douchebag anymore lol
@Jc9ers Damn. I’m happy you’re doing well now.

My parents have been divorced since I was 10. I haven’t seen them both in years. I’ve been thinking about my mom a lot, and I’m so worried about her. She never responds to my calls or texts anymore. I call my dad on the phone quite often, and he’s a pretty nice guy.

Me being a self-absorbed dick aside, I’m truly happy that you can do what’s best for you.
Who are you living with because it seems like you don't live with either of your parents
@Jc9ers aunt and uncle. My parents haven’t had custody of me since I was in elementary school
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