AOTY 2023
Björk - Homogenic
Aug 2, 2023
Holy shit this thing caught me off guard!

Björk is one of the most legendary singers and musicians of all time, known for her creativity and uniquely abstract music that would make anyone wonder what she would do next.

This album was meant to be recorded in her London home but was eventually moved due to a stalker trying to kill her by mailing her a letter bomb with sulfuric acid. Then the stalker killed himself and the media caught wind of this, so Björk moved to Spain to record the album in privacy.

After the release of this album, pretty much every audience had massive praise for this, with people saying that this album reinvented music and inspired people to change directions in their music and experiment with it.

Musically, this album is a mix of electronic, glitch pop, trip hop, and art pop, and all of that combines into an album that is truly beautiful. I was already expecting a lot, and this entire thing did more than just a lot; it went full-force with relentless surreality. With a dark palette and near-perfect production, the entire album is a fascinating listen.

This is an example of an album that experiments a lot and knocks it out of the damn park.

Best Tracks: Bachelorette, Hunter, Jóga, Unravel, Pluto
Worst Track: Immature

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