Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy
Mar 24, 2023
Flowers blossom. Tyler blossoms. Along with that, I blossom.

I’ve come out as bi to y’all, and that secret is out there to y’all. However, that was when I realized that I may be blossoming as a person. I’m trying to dig myself out of my self-loathing thoughts, and that’s when I felt like I wasn’t alone. That’s when I found out that this is a life worth living. That’s when I knew that I am a good person. That’s when I discovered positive self-talk.

If you’ve heard his music from different eras, then you know he used to be an edgelord. You know, the kind that makes rape jokes, fantasizes about burning bodies, shits into cereal bowls, and so on.

But since then, Tyler has matured both as a person and in his craft. He comes out as gay in this album and discusses sensitive topics like depression and loneliness. With all of these things said, this album clicks with me like a motherfucker.

“Foreword” is the intro track for this album. A foreword sets the stage for something before its presentation, which this song does by exploring Tyler’s motivation, and lack thereof, while also exploring suicidal thoughts.

The first verse of “Where This Flower Blooms” describes how Tyler used to live before the fame, expressing how Tyler was too poor to have the luxuries he can now afford. The other verses embody the ethos of the album title: growth and expression.

“Sometimes…” is one of the shortest songs on this album, with radio vocals provided by Shane Powers. This track serves as an intro for the next song.

“See You Again”, featuring amazing singer Kali Uchis, is my favorite Tyler, The Creator song, and I sob every time I hear the beginning of this song. This song is about the ideal lover that is in Tyler’s fantasy. When he wakes up, the lover is removed, which makes Tyler not want to wake up. While he’s in love, he hates waiting and chasing.

“Who Dat Boy” is the song on the album that goes extremely hard, with an amazing verse from the legend himself, A$AP Rocky.

“Pothole”, featuring controversial star Jaden Smith, is about Tyler steering from the “love” described in the album, and into the obstacles in his life. One of those obstacles happens to be a “pothole,” where Tyler is stuck and not moving forward.

“Garden Shed”, featuring LGBT+ supporter Estelle, is the song where Tyler uses the imagery in this song as an extended metaphor for hiding a certain sexuality, also known as being “in the closet.” In the past, Tyler’s hinted at his current sexuality with tweets, lyrics, drawings, and more. In this song, he’s more serious about his sexuality.

“Boredom” is all too relatable for me. This is the song that talks about Tyler’s fame as an artist, and now he’s becoming increasingly busy to the point where he can barely do things that he likes doing.

“I Ain’t Got Time!” Me neither, man. This song covers numerous topics, from Tyler’s ignorance of people who are only interested in him because he’s famous, to his astonishment of what he’s accomplished and trying to get more.

“911/Mr. Lonely” is the two-part track in this album. The first part is pretty upbeat, but the lyrics are pretty depressing. The second part is also depressing, but with a less upbeat instrumental. To many fans of Tyler, this was a shock to them. During the release of Cherry Bomb, he said that he was “not depressed anymore” and that he wanted to stop making depressing music. But fans of his older music criticized it. When it comes to the mood and the lyrics, they are depressing, but with the Flower Boy sound.

The interlude “Droppin’ Seeds” features influential rapper Lil Wayne. The title could be different words for “droppin’ bars,” because that’s what this song is, and seeds suggest growth.

“November” is the third to last track on the album. It depicts Tyler’s insecurities and fears about his life, his relationships, and his career, while also reminiscing of the past.

“Glitter” references Tyler confessing his love to a crush over the phone, making him feel happy, bright, and colorful, just like glitter. But at the end, he said “Fuck,” because he was told his by his conscience that his confession to a crush failed.

“Enjoy Right Now, Today” closes the album with a very happy, upbeat, and bright sound, and with no words in this song, it leaves you the title to process. This also makes the album a perfect loop because of the sound of a car door closing linking with the beginning of the intro track.

This album has become more and more connected with me since I came out as bisexual, and now I love every single song on this album.

Favorite: See You Again
Least Favorite: N/A

this album is better than me
/j btww
One of my favorite reviews on this site!
I absolutely love Tyler and adore this album, so I’m glad to see your review on it!
Fucking phenomenal review, keep it out! <3
Fucking amazing review!
@Jc9ers thanks :)
Tyler the creator has always been one of the most interesting artists in rap to me. You did him absolute justice in this review! (You make amazing reviews please keep making more! They absolutely make my day)
Good review, best wishes for you
Awesome review dude, I'm glad you're blossoming as a person :3
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