Weezer - SZNZ: Summer
Jun 21, 2022 (updated Jan 9, 2023)

Well, that was unexpected.

This EP is the best thing Weezer have made since OK Human. And while that may not sound like a crazy accomplishment as that record was only one album ago, but after an incredibly mediocre LP and an even worse start to the SZNS EP series in Spring, we finally get another great project by the band. They truly feel alive again. All it took was a solid infusion of the best parts of the fun and poppy white record, the lush and at times intimate moments of OK Human and the strong riffage of the best moments of Van Weezer to make it. Hell, I even occasionally here some Blue and Pinkerton splotches here and there. But what exactly makes this record so good?

Well, simply, just how fun and consistent it is really. It has that fun and beachy vibe, a lot of catchy and great choruses, crunchy guitars and some of Rivers’ best writing in Weezer. Speaking of writing, there’s some interesting moments here and there. Like Rivers calling (someone) a “punk ass” on the intro, or saying “fuck off” on Records, but even those moments just feel fun and not incredibly distracting or maddening like on certain songs on their last five records (not including OKH). The vocal effects on Rivers’ voice can be a little odd at certain points, but feel very unique and kinda quirky so they aren’t exactly jarring. And as a whole I feel Rivers sounds pretty good on here! The man still sounds youthful and he sounds like how he did back on White and EWBAITE. Speaking of EWBAITE, man I forgot to mention that record but this album seriously feels a lot more like that album than VW, from everything to the choruses to the riffs (at times). And isn’t that just a great compliment to have? That album kicks ass.

There’s just a lot to love here as a Weezer fan, and there’s not a lot to dislike personally. I can go on about the slightly moodier atmosphere on What’s The Good Of Being Good or the masterpiece of an emotional outro that Thank You and Good Night is, which makes the very awkward bridge of Cuomoville (which I would consider a low point of a generally pretty damn good song) feel like a speck of dust.

There’s not a single bad song on here. Damn, are we in some bizarro universe? Might as well drink it in while it’s here as this might be another OK Human-sized fluke!

Favorite Tracks: All

Okay Tracks: None

Least Favorite Tracks: None! (Seriously, what the hell!)

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i weezed in my pants
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