Weezer - Weezer (Black Album)
Apr 11, 2021 (updated Mar 20, 2022)
WEEZER (13/19)

I’m just so tired at this point. Three albums that are back to back bad. Just pure bad. This has never happened in this dive so far. Weezer has never consistently put out bad albums..until this point. And I can only really blame “Pacific Daydream.” That album put Weezer into a bad, generic, sugar pop mindset and I really hate this fact. A band I love, I really don’t went to see them fall from grace but three bad albums in the span of three years? That’s not a good sign in the slightest. There’s only three songs I’d even come back to, and two of them I wouldn’t come back to that much. And before I get into the real negative I’ll get some positive out.

It’s at least a somewhat wacky album with songs that do experiment a tiny album, and I also think the production sounds pretty good, but that’s mostly cause they’ve stuck to a clean sound for awhile at this point. One more thing is that California Snow is a really catchy faux-rap electronic pop song and it doesn’t sound that dated compared to the rest of the album. That being said, let’s get into some of the more negative aspects of this record that make it so bad.

It’s really boring. This is a problem I’ve had with the last two albums, and this barely changes that problem. It’s just plain boring. A Weezer album with 10 tracks shouldn’t be boring. Another problem is that this is a very bland and generic pop album. What made White work as well as it did was it subtly fused pop elements with their rock sound, and also added a summer twist and a lot of fun. That album is very good, and this album fails at the subtlety. It’s also not very fun. It’s kind of a stiff pop album and it doesn’t really work all that well anymore. Going back to things I like, I do like that Rivers curses on this album, but I don’t like how it feels as though he’s just cursing because he’s allowed himself to finally actually curse, and it’s just weird, especially since he’s 49 by this point.

There’s also just not much differentiation besides slight experimental moments, which I might be stretching that term a little bit for this album. But honestly I just want Weezer to come back. I don’t like this Weezer. It’s not them and it’s very sad to see them trying to attract an audience again by making surface level pop. It’s better than Pacific, but a lot worse than what came before. There is one more album though...

Favorite Tracks: Can’t Knock The Hustle, High As A Kite, California Snow

Okay Tracks: None.

Least Favorite Tracks: Everything else. Really.

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