Anakronos - The Red Book of Ossory
Jul 10, 2020 (updated Jul 10, 2020)
14th-century bishop Ledrede was a controversial figure who accused Alice Kyteler of witchcraft and listed nightmarish charges against her, which ended up in the burning of her servant Petronilla de Meath, making her the first person burned at the stake. Ledrede, despite his deeds, also wrote beautiful poetry which was collected in the medieval manuscript, The Red Book of Ossory.

With this alluring background, the innovative Irish ensemble Anakronos (which features the voice of Catriona O'Leary, Deirdre O'Leary's clarinet, Nick Roth's saxophones and the keyboards and percussion of Francesco Turrisi) builds a stunning bridge between the past and the present, tracing their sound back to Renaissance music, Irish folk, medieval ballads and converging it with unexpected jazz and experimental elements, in an attempt to reconstruct and reinterpret the realm of Ledrede's forgotten words.

The wonderful Anakronos (whose name honors its etymological meaning "against time") delivers an exquisite and refreshing sound in a saturated world that is slowly forgetting its ancient musical roots.

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