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Inglume -
"When you begin to see the possibilities of music, you desire to do something really good for people, to help humanity free itself from its hangups...I want to speak to their souls."

53 years ago today, John Coltrane took his very last breath on a hospital bed and departed from our mortal plane following a long, arduous fight with liver cancer. No man truly dies until he is forgotten. One of the greatest saxophonists to have ever lived, his music lives among us, influenced and ... read more

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Inglume -
If this anime was part of your childhood, then congratulations! We are now best friends. Quite baffling to now know Japanese free-jazz pianist Masahiko Sato composed this. To put this absurdity into perspective, imagine Cecil Taylor composing the music of Barney & Friends.
Inglume -
You either get it or you don't. Lyrics are great. I like that line about the Moses. Vocals are really powerful and honest. Instrumentation is sometimes beautiful or hard-hitting. Line distribution is questionable. Personally, I would've preferred YG give Jisoo or Wing Wong more lines, but I digress. Definitely going into my Walmart shopping list. Blackpink is the Revolution. xoxo

Favourite tracks: All of them
Inglume -
"Sometimes I feel like I can't go on like this forever. Days pass and nothing happens, and I feel so alone. In my heart, I seem to be waiting for something."

808s, one of Kanye's finest achievements, fascinates me. It fascinates me, amazes me beyond belief how artists, pushed to or far beyond their breaking point, can turn a moment of pure anguish, despair and unbearable pain into something beautiful to share with the world. A masterpiece that may touch the hearts of millions and ... read more
Inglume -
The kind of album I'd personally only imagine turning on if I was some angsty preteen after slapping my mom, locking myself in the bathroom and draining her top-quality hair conditioning down the toilet, but otherwise, I'd rather take my chances with the 'nanny' music they play at my doctors' waiting room. On a very lucky day, they play some Otis Redding.

Utterly boring, painfully conceived, almost delusional and unlikeable set of generic indie pop and R&B tracks you've heard before, done ... read more
Inglume -
It's Andrei fucking Rublev and Andrey fucking Tarkovsky.

Of course it's this good.

Going to keep this relatively brief because reviewing anything Tarkovsky-related seems irrational. Film scores as standalone records are often tricky to get right. As a listener, the struggle arises in evaluating the music separate from its source material. When a film truly captures you in the way Andrei Rublev does, such a possibility is thrown straight out the window. Try to focus on the music, you'll ... read more


Apr 17, 2021
wow i see big words in the shout below 🐸

Ringo Sheena, 3776, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Guernica, Akina Nakamori, KOTO, Seiko Oomori,,

could you reccommend me any album from these artists
Apr 16, 2021
Hi, John, hope you're doing good. Just checked your Letterboxd again and got this question in mind: there're more mass movies that have universal acclaim, great plot, acting, etc., yet lack some profound, revolutionising or transcendent ideas/vision. Dark Knight, for example. From our last conversation (as I recall) I understood that your perception of the film is highly based on the... organicness (I hope that's a word)? Transcendence? I can't describe it right using my limited English vocabulary, but I think you understand that I understood you on emotional level. Anyway, what do you base your perception of film and your final rating on, when these elements aren't presented, like in Dark Knight (imo)? I hope it's not very tongue-tied, I'm struggling to address my thought correctly when talking about cinema :(
Apr 14, 2021
some of it was taxing but a lot of it was good, plus i can see the influence. Great project
Apr 14, 2021
Hey man I liked the three 6 mafia project
Apr 14, 2021
thank you so much for following as well, i just noticed that. it means a lot
Apr 14, 2021
So mystic stylez it is, i might check the lofi one up too because i gotta study today evening. thank you so much for the reccommendations mate
Apr 8, 2021
so what three 6 mafia project do i start with. ive heard a few singles before
Apr 8, 2021
Lmaooooooooo i was like "ye? damn i thought you gave that a 50"
Apr 7, 2021
what in your opinion is the best kanye album? tcd?
Apr 7, 2021
You mentioned that you've travelled all across the world, and I found it peculiar considering you aren't that old.

So you originally hail from China, that's interesting. AOTY does have a lot of drawbacks, but I find it's user interface simple to use and well woven around the social element of the site. AOTY is just easier for me to use on a daily basis despite the taste stagnating here due to a lack of many obscure records. I wish we could group our favorites of all time by genre and artist


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