Вячеслав Овчинников [Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov] - Andrey Tarkovsky Vol. 2. Andrey Rublyov
4d ago (updated 3d ago)
It's Andrei fucking Rublev and Andrey fucking Tarkovsky.

Of course it's this good.

Going to keep this relatively brief because reviewing anything Tarkovsky-related seems irrational. Film scores as standalone records are often tricky to get right. As a listener, the struggle arises in evaluating the music separate from its source material. When a film truly captures you in the way Andrei Rublev does, such a possibility is thrown straight out the window. Try to focus on the music, you'll simply end up back in the film's universe. It's intentional, but takes away from the experience of the music and it's hard to stay invested: "Why should I be listening to this soundtrack when I could be watching the film?"

I feel this is one of those rare occasions where the film score can live entirely separate from the film, but still stays true to its source material in beautifully remarkable ways. But perhaps that's an understatement. Andrei Rublev, in its spirit, is a film like no other and same can be said for its music, 15 unprecedented arrangements, rich and overwhelming.

Having watched all of Tarkovsky's major films, I often suggest newcomers of his work to start with these film scores. This and Solaris particularly stick out in its beauty. Cerebral, intellectual, sedate, one of the best things I've had the pleasure to sit through. There's not a better starting point and finding comfort in the music may ensure a better first viewing experience as you familiarise yourself with the film's style and exceptionally complex rhythm.
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4d ago
Goddamn man, check out his work for War and Peace movie
4d ago
@innkpstr The 1966 Bondarchuk epic 'War and Peace'? I wasn't aware Tarkovsky contributed to that project. That film is definitely on my radar as I've heard amazing things about it.
4d ago
No it’s not Tarkovsky’s movie, but Bondarchuck’s which won Oscar award. In that movie there is it an Ovchinnikov’s score, which is impressive to say the least. I encourage you to check it out man.

And small P.S. it’s so fantastic someone interested in soviet/russian culture outside of country.
3d ago
@innkpstr Believe me, I'm not the only one interested haha. Just recently watched a couple of Kira Muratova's films with a few other people on the site.

You got me really excited for War and Peace when you mentioned the soundtrack. Already seen and loved Bondarchuk's 1959 film 'Fate of a Man' so I don't expect to be disappointed. :)
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